Adult care services

Recent reports in this category are shown below:

  • South Gloucestershire Council (17 013 122)

    Report Upheld Charging 14-Sep-2018

    Summary: Mrs B complains, on behalf of her parents-in-law, Mr and Mrs C, that the Council failed to properly consider the law and guidance in deciding Mr and Mrs C deliberately deprived themselves of capital to avoid care charges for Mr C.

  • Lancashire County Council (17 014 970)

    Report Upheld Transport 20-Aug-2018

    Summary: Mr X complains about the Council's decision not to give his son a blue badge.

  • London Borough of Hounslow (16 009 664)

    Report Upheld Assessment and care plan 18-Jul-2018

    Summary: Mrs X complains about the lack of support the Council provided to her son, Mr Y, at his accommodation and after he became unsafe there.

  • Tameside Metropolitan Borough Council (17 012 757)

    Report Upheld Safeguarding 23-May-2018

    Summary: Ms J complains about the actions of a care home, Oakwood Care Centre, at the time of the death of her grandmother, Mrs C, whose placement there had been commissioned by the Council. She also complains about the Council's handling of her concerns after Mrs C's death.

  • London Borough of Hounslow (17 000 645)

    Report Upheld Assessment and care plan 30-Apr-2018

    Summary: Mrs B complains the Council failed to agree a Deferred Payment Agreement for her sister, Ms C. Ms C's money is running out and family have stepped in to pay her care fees. Mrs B also says the Council delayed dealing with her complaint.

  • Wiltshire Council (16 015 946)

    Report Upheld Assessment and care plan 12-Apr-2018

    Summary: Mrs N cares for Mr P, her son. She complains the Council has wrongly cut the respite care provided for her son and has wrongly asked her to pay towards the cost of her son's transport between home and day care.

  • North Somerset Council (16 018 163)

    Report Upheld Charging 16-Mar-2018

    Summary: Mr X complained about his father's (Mr Y's) care charges. He says he would not have agreed to the care had the Council made it clear what the cost would be.

  • London Borough of Bromley (16 005 445)

    Report Upheld Direct payments 28-Feb-2018

    Summary: The Council failed to ensure Ms M's son, Mr N, could receive the level of care that he was entitled to. Mr N has lost out on provision and Ms M, who wanted to support him, has been caused distress and time and trouble. This has been made worse because although Ms M complained to the Council, it failed to deal with this complaint.

  • Norfolk County Council (16 013 790)

    Report Upheld Assessment and care plan 27-Feb-2018

    Summary: Mr C complains the Council failed to properly explain to him how his mother's care home fees would be paid. As a result, the family chose a care home which, they later found out,
    would be unaffordable once his mother's capital has reduced to £23,250.

  • Liverpool City Council (16 010 110)

    Report Upheld Residential care 26-Feb-2018

    Summary: Ms X complains about the failure of staff at a BUPA care home, acting on behalf of Liverpool City Council, to respond properly when she complained about failings in her mother's care