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  • Bury Metropolitan Borough Council (18 009 944)

    Statement Not upheld Charging 16-Jan-2019

    Summary: There was no fault in how the Council calculated a person's contribution to her care fees. For this reason, the Ombudsman has completed his investigation.

  • Newcastle upon Tyne City Council (17 020 313)

    Statement Upheld Charging 07-Jan-2019

    Summary: The Council charged Mr B for homecare he did not receive. The Council has agreed to issue a revised invoice and make a payment to his son, Mr X, for his frustration and his time and trouble pursuing the matter. The Council has also agreed to take action to prevent similar failings in future.

  • Cornwall Council (18 007 718)

    Statement Upheld Charging 07-Jan-2019

    Summary: Ms X complains the Council failed to deal properly with the charges for her late step-father's care home placement. The Council failed to provide clear information about charges until after the step-father died and failed to enter a top up agreement with Ms X. This resulted in confusion and the care home overcharging the step-father. The Council needs to apologise, waive the top up, pay financial redress and bring its practices into line with the Care and Support Statutory Guidance.

  • Southampton City Council (18 004 684)

    Statement Not upheld Charging 02-Jan-2019

    Summary: Mr X complains the Council wrongly refused to exercise its discretion to disregard a property when carrying out a financial assessment to calculate how much his wife should pay towards her care. He also complains the Council wrongly valued the property. I have found no fault in the way the Council considered the matter. It has not decided on the value of the property. If it cannot agree this with Mr X it should get an independent valuation in line with the statutory guidance.

  • London Borough of Merton (18 007 788)

    Statement Upheld Charging 02-Jan-2019

    Summary: Mrs B complained that the Council failed to properly explain the funding arrangements for the care of her late mother Mrs C. There was fault by the Council in the information it provided and the time it took to consider the funding of Mrs C's care. It has agreed to apologise and pay her £250.

  • Essex County Council (18 005 279)

    Statement Upheld Charging 19-Dec-2018

    Summary: Mr X says the Council is at fault in how it has assessed his son's financial contribution towards his care costs. The Ombudsman found some fault by the Council in its handling of this matter. He recommended the Council act to help address the injustice caused to Mr X's son and to resolve the matters which are outstanding. The Council agreed to do so.

  • East Sussex County Council (17 014 075)

    Statement Upheld Charging 18-Dec-2018

    Summary: Ms B complains on behalf of her father, Mr X, that the Council failed to provide timely information about the cost of his care. As a result, she lost an early opportunity to reduce the costs by accepting less care or care from a cheaper provider. There was fault by the Council which caused injustice and which it has agreed to remedy by reimbursing half the care costs of the first six weeks of Mr X's care.

  • Worcestershire County Council (16 015 320)

    Statement Upheld Charging 18-Dec-2018

    Summary: Mrs X has complained about how the Council has dealt with her mother's Deferred Payment Agreement. There is some evidence of fault by the Council but it has already provided a suitable remedy.

  • Surrey County Council (18 010 593)

    Statement Upheld Charging 14-Dec-2018

    Summary: The Council was at fault because it failed to arrange an urgent review of Mrs A's care needs on her husband's request. The Council's complaint response was inadequate because it did not identify the failure to offer an urgent review and incorrectly said Mrs A had a urine infection. The Council has already waived charges and this is a partial remedy for Mr A's avoidable distress. It will also apologise to Mr A for the fault identified in this statement.

  • Durham County Council (18 005 140)

    Statement Not upheld Charging 12-Dec-2018

    Summary: There is no evidence of fault in how the Council made its decision that Mr Y deliberately deprived himself of assets to avoid care charges when carrying out a financial assessment for him.