Recent statements in this category are shown below:

  • Peterborough City Council (19 005 512)

    Statement Upheld Charging 07-Jan-2020

    Summary: Mrs D complains the Council is at fault for charging her father-in-law for one-to-one care provided by a care home. We uphold the complaint finding the Council gave Mrs D no satisfactory explanation of an agreement it reached with the care home to pay for care. Consequently, Mrs D had no notice of the fee increase and no opportunity to limit her father-in-law's exposure to the cost of care. The Council has agreed action to remedy the complaint, including writing-off half the money owed for the care.

  • Bournemouth Borough Council (18 016 869)

    Statement Not upheld Charging 07-Jan-2020

    Summary: Mrs X complains the Council has failed to deal properly with her son's disability related expenditure, resulting in the charge for his care increasing from £18.88 to £34.35 a week, which he cannot afford. The Council is not at fault over the way it has dealt with the son's assessed charge.

  • Countrywide Care Home (2) Limited (19 004 419)

    Statement Upheld Charging 06-Jan-2020

    Summary: The care provider should have provided clearer information about the fees payable by Mr B's father. It should review the way in which its contracts and information for residents is worded to avoid more confusion and refund the amount of the FNC payments.

  • Norfolk County Council (19 009 101)

    Statement Upheld Charging 03-Jan-2020

    Summary: Mr B complains the Council charged too much for the home care he received. The Ombudsman finds there is fault by the Council. The Council has agreed an appropriate remedy.

  • Staffordshire County Council (19 008 004)

    Statement Not upheld Charging 02-Jan-2020

    Summary: Mr Y complained for Mrs X about the Council's refusal to retrospectively reassess the contributions she made to the cost of her care. The Council was not at fault for charging Mrs X the full cost of her care or for refusing to carry out another assessment after Mrs X died.

  • Birmingham City Council (19 004 245)

    Statement Upheld Charging 02-Jan-2020

    Summary: Mr X complained the Council has charged his mother for a temporary stay in a care home, even though it initially said the placement would be free of charge. The Ombudsman decided to uphold the complaint. The Council has agreed to provide an apology and pay for Mrs M's stay at the first care home. It has also agreed to review if there have been similar cases in the last 12 months that may require a similar remedy.

  • Leicestershire County Council (19 001 489)

    Statement Upheld Charging 20-Dec-2019

    Summary: Mrs B complains about the quality of care her mother, Mrs C, received at a residential care home placement arranged by the Council (The Elms Care Centre, Ibstock). We uphold the complaint finding various examples of poor practice by the Care Provider. We also find the Council did not adequately monitor the placement or respond properly to all Mrs B's concerns. These faults caused distress to Mrs C and Mrs B, as well as resulting in frustration and time and trouble to Mrs B. The Council accepts these findings and at the end of this statement we explain action it has agreed to take to remedy this injustice.

  • Jorada Limited (19 003 612)

    Statement Upheld Charging 18-Dec-2019

    Summary: The Care Provider is not at fault for charging for a notice period. It has however failed to operate its complaints procedure properly and invoice correctly. The Care Provider has agreed to apologise to the complainant and remind employees about the complaints process.

  • Royal Borough of Kingston upon Thames (19 004 207)

    Statement Upheld Charging 18-Dec-2019

    Summary: Mr D complains the Council wrongly accused him of depriving his mother of her assets to avoid care costs and about the way it investigated this. The Ombudsman has found fault by the Council. It has agreed apologise and make a payment to Mr D to acknowledge the distress and time and trouble caused.

  • London Borough of Wandsworth (18 018 419)

    Statement Upheld Charging 18-Dec-2019

    Summary: Mrs M complained the Council wrongly charged for her late mother's care and delayed sending her invoices leading to a large and unexpected bill. The Council was at fault. It charged for care it did not provide and did not make Mrs Y aware of before entering extra care sheltered accommodation. It also delayed in providing invoices to the executor following Mrs Y's death. To remedy this, the Council has agreed to waive some costs, issue an amended up to date statement for the remaining outstanding costs for Mrs Y's care and review the information it provides about charges to prospective tenants for extra care sheltered accommodation.