Domiciliary care

Recent statements in this category are shown below:

  • Stardust Healthcare Ltd (18 008 833)

    Statement Upheld Domiciliary care 13-Aug-2019

    Summary: The complainant says the Care Provider did not provide a properly managed care service for his mother. He says it did not respond properly to his complaints, resulting in him seeking an alternative service. The Care Provider says it offered good care resulting in improvements to the customer's mobility and wellbeing. The Care Provider says the complainant broke the terms and conditions of the service agreement. The Ombudsman finds the Care Provider caused injustice in failing to follow its complaints procedure, address the complainant's concerns and give a formal reasoned response to the complaint.

  • Trinity Care at Home Ltd (18 010 647)

    Statement Upheld Domiciliary care 09-Aug-2019

    Summary: Mrs X complains about the care provided by Trinity Care at Home Limited. The Ombudsman finds the care provider was at fault because it failed to notify her family of a change in her circumstances, was unable to make care records available to paramedics, lost some records and some visits did not last as long as they should have. The care provider has agreed with the Ombudsman's recommendations to apologise, make a payment to Mrs X and refund the overpayment. The Ombudsman has not upheld other areas of complaint.

  • Royal Borough of Windsor and Maidenhead Council (17 019 298)

    Statement Upheld Domiciliary care 07-Aug-2019

    Summary: the Council was at fault in its care of the late Mrs X. Carers failed to follow her support plan or take action when she refused care, despite her obvious deterioration. That failure caused her ongoing lack of dignity, and anxiety and uncertainty for her family. The Council should review the way in which it monitors commissioned care and offer a payment to her family for the distress caused.

  • Heart to Heart Home Care Agency Ltd (18 019 042)

    Statement Upheld Domiciliary care 05-Aug-2019

    Summary: Mrs X complains Heart to Heart Home Care Agency failed to invoice her properly, cancelled her care without notice and did not respond to her complaint. Mrs X is correct on all three points. The Care Provider needs to apologise, cancel any outstanding charges, pay financial redress and consider what action to take to prevent similar problems from happening.

  • Blackpool Borough Council (18 017 609)

    Statement Upheld Domiciliary care 31-Jul-2019

    Summary: Mrs C was receiving care at home visits from a care provider commissioned by the Council. The care provider incorrectly asked Mrs C to sign its own contract which stated that, if care visits were cancelled with seven days' notice, charges would not apply. Mrs C cancelled visits on bank holidays when her daughter agreed to provide the care but the Council charged her for care on those days in accordance with its policy. The Council has now agreed to refund the charges.

  • Stoke-on-Trent City Council (18 017 623)

    Statement Upheld Domiciliary care 26-Jul-2019

    Summary: Mrs B complains about the Council's actions in respect of billing for home care after her father was discharged from hospital. She also complains about the time taken by the Council to respond to her complaint. The Ombudsman finds there was fault by the Council in these matters. As a result, Mrs B was put to considerable time and trouble in seeking to resolve the matter, and her father received an unexpected invoice for care costs followed by threats of formal recovery action when that invoice was disputed. A remedy has been agreed.

  • Boucicaut Ltd (18 017 019)

    Statement Upheld Domiciliary care 23-Jul-2019

    Summary: The Ombudsman has discontinued his investigation of this complaint, about standards of care, professional boundaries and the handling of the complainant's money, because the Care Provider has agreed to review its own investigation.

  • SKL Professional Recruitment Agency Limited (18 009 000)

    Statement Not upheld Domiciliary care 22-Jul-2019

    Summary: The Ombudsman's decision is that the care provider was not at fault when it advised it could not provide care for Mrs X after she left hospital.

  • Independent People Homecare Services (18 017 083)

    Statement Upheld Domiciliary care 19-Jul-2019

    Summary: Mrs X complains about a care provider's handling of her father's care. She complains the care provider did not assess her father's care needs properly, did not arrange a suitable care package, and did not check the carer's notes before she left. The Ombudsman finds fault with the care provider for failing to provide appropriate care and for its poor record keeping. We recommended the care provider apologise to Mrs X, pay her a financial remedy, and improve its procedures and practices.

  • Independent People Homecare Services (18 009 864)

    Statement Not upheld Domiciliary care 19-Jul-2019

    Summary: The Ombudsman's has not found evidence of fault by the care provider regarding concerns Mrs K raised about the live in carer and about giving notice regarding the contract.