Domiciliary care

Recent statements in this category are shown below:

  • Midshires Care Ltd (17 008 580)

    Statement Upheld Domiciliary care 19-Dec-2017

    Summary: We have discontinued this investigation as Helpings Hands has taken action to resolve the complaint directly with Mr X and there is nothing more the Ombudsman could achieve by further investigation.

  • G R Response Healthcare Ltd (17 005 345)

    Statement Upheld Domiciliary care 19-Dec-2017

    Summary: The Care Provider billed Mr X accurately for the care Mrs Y received. However its invoices did not properly explain how the charges were calculated and this is fault. It has agreed to apologise to Mr X and review its invoices. There was no fault in its decisions to refer concerns to the Council's safeguarding team. There is insufficient evidence available to make a finding on Mr X's concerns about staff not being able to provide care, staff being rude on the telephone and whether the Care Provider failed to respond to his complaint, and the injustice is not significant enough to investigate this further

  • Lancashire County Council (16 007 317)

    Statement Not upheld Domiciliary care 19-Dec-2017

    Summary: The Council acknowledged and apologised for shortcomings on the part of the provider which it commissioned for Mr A's care but has now provided evidence of its efforts to engage Mr A in activities. The Council agrees to ensure a more robust approach towards the recording of Mr A's care. It was not, however, the responsibility of the social worker to source funding to purchase a property for Mr A.

  • Caremark Sutton AKA Chloe Drury Ltd (17 004 105)

    Statement Upheld Domiciliary care 13-Dec-2017

    Summary: Caremark Sutton is unable to properly evidence the care provided to Mr B. It therefore needs to refund some of the money his mother paid for the care. It also needs to ensure it keeps better records in future.

  • ELR Homecare Ltd (17 009 256)

    Statement Upheld Domiciliary care 13-Dec-2017

    Summary: ELR Homecare Limited incorrectly charged Mrs C for care she had not received. That was fault. It has agreed to apologise and refund Mrs C the amount she was overcharged. This is an appropriate remedy for the injustice caused to Mrs C by the error.

  • Access 2 Care Nottingham Ltd (17 004 473)

    Statement Not upheld Domiciliary care 12-Dec-2017

    Summary: The care provider took suitable steps when carers reported concerns about Mr X's behaviour toward them. It investigated the allegations, risk assessed the situation and considered options to continue to provide Mr X's care. It met with Mr X and his brother-in-law Mr Y to discuss options. When those options were rejected, not possible or became unavailable it acted without fault when it followed its policy to give 48 hours notice to end Mr X's care.

  • Beaumont Care (Aldershot) Ltd (17 002 393)

    Statement Not upheld Domiciliary care 12-Dec-2017

    Summary: The care provider was not at fault in notifying the family that it could no longer meet Mrs X's needs. There was a misunderstanding about the instructions given to care staff about attending to Mrs X after the contract ended. The provider acknowledged that it was at fault in failing to open the gates for an ambulance on one occasion but I have not seen any evidence that incident caused injustice to Mrs X. The complaint is not upheld.

  • Zinnia Care Ltd (17 000 878)

    Statement Upheld Domiciliary care 12-Dec-2017

    Summary: the Care Provider's training records for carers are inadequate. Providing a checklist to ensure carers receive all the relevant training before they begin work is satisfactory remedy for the injustice caused.

  • Southampton City Council (17 005 947)

    Statement Closed after initial enquiries Domiciliary care 11-Dec-2017

    Summary: Mrs X says an agency carer visited her late father, Mr Y, when they were unwell. She says her father caught a cold and died shortly afterwards. The Ombudsman will not investigate this complaint as it is unlikely we can add to the investigations carried out by the agency and the Council.

  • CM Community Care Services Limited (17 001 519)

    Statement Upheld Domiciliary care 30-Nov-2017

    Summary: Poor telephone communication by CM Community Care Services Limited caused Ms X some confusion and distress, for which it should apologise. CM Community Care should also consider what steps it can take to improve its communication by telephone.