Residential care

Recent statements in this category are shown below:

  • Caring Homes Healthcare Group Limited (18 013 581)

    Statement Upheld Residential care 18-Mar-2019

    Summary: Mr X complains of errors in the care of his mother Mrs X, by Caring Homes Healthcare Group Ltd. There were errors in some of the matters complained of that caused Mrs X distress and Mr X unnecessary anxiety about her care. The care provider will apologise and pay Mr X £250.

  • Blackpool Borough Council (18 000 816)

    Statement Upheld Residential care 14-Mar-2019

    Summary: Mr H complains about the Council's use of the Deprivation of Liberty Safeguards to detain him in a care home. He also complains the care home charged him for his stay. And about the care the care home provided. The Ombudsman has found fault with delay in the Safeguard application and authorisation. And with how the Council placed Mr H in the care home. The Council has agreed to a payment to remedy the injustice to Mr H. This injustice is limited by the fact it is unlikely matters would have been very different, but for the fault.

  • Hicare Limited (17 020 048)

    Statement Not upheld Residential care 13-Mar-2019

    Summary: Mr Y complains the Care Home failed to provide adequate care to his Mother, Mrs X, causing distress to Mrs X and him. The Ombudsman finds no evidence of fault causing injustice by the Care Home.

  • The Orders Of St. John Care Trust (18 010 656)

    Statement Upheld Residential care 13-Mar-2019

    Summary: Mrs X complained about the standard of care her husband, Mr H (deceased), received at a care home between September 2017 and April 2018. The care provider was at fault. It failed to meet some of Mr H's care needs, and accidentally stopped his blood thinning medication. This contributed to a decline in Mr H's health, and his admission to hospital with a blood clot on his lung. The care provider agreed to refund Mrs X a total of £3185 in care home fees to recognise injustice caused by the faults. It also agreed to pay Mrs X a further £250 to recognise the distress caused to her because of the faults.

  • Church Farm at Rusticus Limited (18 008 991)

    Statement Upheld Residential care 13-Mar-2019

    Summary: Mrs X complains about the care provided to her late father during a period of respite care in a residential home. The Ombudsman finds the actions of the home caused injustice in the form of distress to Mr Y and his family. The home failed to provide a sufficient level of personal care and failed to evidence that it monitored the integrity of Mr Y's skin. The care provider will remedy the injustice caused with an apology. The care provider will provide evidence of the service improvements it has implemented following Mrs X's complaint.

  • Prestwick Care Limited (18 002 763)

    Statement Upheld Residential care 13-Mar-2019

    Summary: Mr X has complained the care provider refused to reduce his father's care fees when he became eligible for Funded Nursing Care. He has also complained about the care home's decision to increase his father's fees. There is some evidence of fault by the home.

  • Somerset County Council (18 005 045)

    Statement Upheld Residential care 13-Mar-2019

    Summary: Ms C complained that the care home, which was commissioned by the Council, failed to install a falls sensor mat for her mother, before she moved into the home. The Ombudsman has decided to uphold Ms C's complaint. As such, the Council has agreed to provide an apology.

  • Advinia Care Homes Limited (18 003 769)

    Statement Upheld Residential care 12-Mar-2019

    Summary: Mr X says a care home where his wife resided for an eight-month period did not provide activities advertised in its sales brochure. This service cannot now determine whether the activities provided by the care home were sufficient to meet the needs of Mr X's wife. However, the care home lacked staff required for activities and its handling of Mr X's complaint was poor. The care home agreed to a financial remedy for Mr X to reflect the injustice caused to his wife and the time and trouble he was put to in pursuit of the matter.

  • Mrs Linda Jane Harris (18 007 600)

    Statement Upheld Residential care 12-Mar-2019

    Summary: Mr X complained on behalf of himself and Miss F about the actions the Care Provider took when it asked them to leave the Care Home when they were visiting one of the residents. Mr X says this caused them unnecessary distress and they were subject to racial discrimination. The Care Home was at fault when asked Miss F to leave. It was also at fault when it failed to respond appropriately to Mr X's complaint. The Care Home and Mr X and Miss F differ in their opinion of whether the Care Home apologised for its actions at a meeting. I was not at the meeting and so cannot say what happened and it is not proportionate to investigate this matter further. I am satisfied the Care Home has made staff aware of the complaints policy procedures in place.

  • Medway Council (16 015 734)

    Statement Upheld Residential care 07-Mar-2019

    Summary: Miss D complains about care and treatment of her father, Mr D, by two NHS Trusts while he was in hospital. She also complains about the way the Council assessed and provided for Mr D's social care needs. The Ombudsmen have upheld parts of Miss D's complaints and made recommendations for service improvements. The Council and NHS Trusts agree to the recommendations, so the Ombudsmen have completed their investigation.