Residential care

Recent statements in this category are shown below:

  • Newcastle upon Tyne City Council (18 013 072)

    Statement Upheld Residential care 07-Oct-2019

    Summary: The Council was at fault because there were failings in the quality of care Mr Y received while he was a resident in a care home. The Council is accountable for this fault because it arranged the placement for Mr Y. I found no fault in the Council's handling of the safeguarding investigation. As Mr Y has since passed away, the Council has agreed to provide a suitable remedy for the distress caused to his daughter, Mrs X.

  • Care UK Community Partnerships Limited (18 016 750)

    Statement Upheld Residential care 07-Oct-2019

    Summary: Mr X complained on behalf of his mother in law, Mrs Y, about care provided during a respite stay at a care home. There were faults in the care provider's record keeping and care planning. These caused uncertainty to Mrs Y and Mr X about the adequacy of care provided. The care provider agrees to apologise to Mrs Y and Mr X, make a token payment of £250 to Mrs Y acknowledging distress caused to her, and review its practice to prevent reoccurrence.

  • North East Lincolnshire Council (19 000 027)

    Statement Not upheld Residential care 07-Oct-2019

    Summary: We do not uphold Mr A's complaints about his late sister's end of life care in a care home.

  • Somerset County Council (18 014 979)

    Statement Upheld Residential care 07-Oct-2019

    Summary: Mrs X complained the Council did not explain the costs involved when it arranged for her mother to move into residential care. She also complained about the care provided. The Council was at fault for not providing adequate cost information and for the delay in carrying out a financial assessment. It should pay Mrs X £250 to acknowledge the worry and stress caused by receiving a large, unexpected bill for care. There is no fault with the care provided.

  • Sunderland City Council (18 007 253)

    Statement Upheld Residential care 04-Oct-2019

    Summary: The complaint is about the late Mr C's care in a council-funded care home. We uphold the complaint. There were failings in Mr C's care including poor record keeping, a failure to follow NHS advice and a failure to address poor food and fluid intake. The Council gave no written feedback on the safeguarding enquiry and there was also a failure to address all Miss A's complaints. The Council will apologise and pay £1000 to reflect Miss A's avoidable distress.

  • T M Kelly (18 013 744)

    Statement Not upheld Residential care 04-Oct-2019

    Summary: Miss X complained about the Care Provider that runs a care home her father stayed in for four months. She raised concerns about standards at the Care Home which she says caused issues with her father's behaviour, and believes the home wrongly gave him notice to leave based on incorrect information. The Care Provider was not at fault.

  • Lovett Care Limited (18 014 847)

    Statement Upheld Residential care 03-Oct-2019

    Summary: Mrs C complains about the care provided to her mother, who developed a pressure sore while in residential care. The Ombudsman finds the actions of the provider fell short of what was required and that this caused injustice, for which a remedy has been agreed.

  • Barchester Healthcare Homes Limited (18 005 493)

    Statement Upheld Residential care 25-Sep-2019

    Summary: Mrs X complains about the quality of care provided to her husband, Mr Y. She complains the Care Provider has failed to properly implement conditions attached to Deprivation of Liberty Safeguards for Mr Y since October 2016, which related to activities to occupy Mr Y's time and to manage his interaction with another resident. Mrs X says she had to move Mr Y to another care home in April 2018, when his health and well-being deteriorated further as a result of poor care. Mrs X is unhappy with the Care Provider's refusal to refund all the upfront fees she paid on Mr Y's admission. The Care Provider has already offered Mrs X a payment to remedy the faults it identified with her husband's care and the service to her. The Care Provider has accepted the Ombudsman's finding of an additional fault and agreed to provide further remedy.

  • Newcastle upon Tyne City Council (18 016 945)

    Statement Upheld Residential care 25-Sep-2019

    Summary: Mrs X complained Eothen Homes Ltd, acting on behalf of the Council, failed to care properly for her mother, Mrs M. As a result, she developed a serious pressure sore before it was noticed by carers. On the evidence so far, the care home failed to keep complete and detailed records of Mrs M's care and on balance, it missed opportunities to notice the development of the pressure sore. It also failed to report this as a safeguarding matter in a timely manner to the Council. The Council was at fault in the way it carried out the safeguarding investigation. The Council has agreed to apologise to Mrs X for the distress and uncertainty it caused her, make her a financial payment and carry out procedural changes.

  • Wirral Metropolitan Borough Council (18 014 383)

    Statement Not upheld Residential care 25-Sep-2019

    Summary: Mrs C says the care provider contracted by the Council did not administer her mother's medication properly. There is no fault in how the care provider administered Mrs C's mother's medication.