Residential care

Recent statements in this category are shown below:

  • East Riding of Yorkshire Council (19 012 080)

    Statement Upheld Residential care 20-Dec-2019

    Summary: The Ombudsman will not investigate Mrs X's concerns about the handling of her complaint following her mother's fall at a care home. This is because it is unlikely we could achieve anything more for Mrs X.

  • Winslow House Limited (19 005 528)

    Statement Upheld Residential care 18-Dec-2019

    Summary: Ms J complains about the way Winslow House Ltd dealt with her concerns and her complaint about its care for her late stepfather. The Ombudsman has found fault by the care provider which caused injustice. The provider has agreed to apologise to Mrs D and Ms J and make a payment to Ms J.

  • Alysia Caring Limited (19 005 101)

    Statement Not upheld Residential care 18-Dec-2019

    Summary: Mr B complained about the action taken by a Care Provider in response to a fall by his mother Mrs C. We cannot find fault with the action the Care Provider took.

  • Royal Borough of Kingston upon Thames (19 007 822)

    Statement Upheld Residential care 18-Dec-2019

    Summary: Mr D complains about the way the Council assessed and met his mother's care and support needs. There was no fault in the way the Council decided Mrs J did not require residential care but there was delay and confusion over the funding arrangements. The Council has agreed to apologise to Mr D.

  • Sheffield City Council (19 002 255)

    Statement Upheld Residential care 17-Dec-2019

    Summary: Mrs X complained a care home failed to seek appropriate medical advice after her mother became unwell during a Council-arranged respite stay. She says this caused her mother unnecessary suffering and has caused her distress. The care provider has accepted it should have been more proactive in seeking medical advice and has taken action to improve its services. The Council will now ask the care home provider to apologise to Mrs X and acknowledge the distress caused. I also found evidence of poor record keeping and the Council has agreed action to improve this.

  • Calsa Care Limited (18 017 620)

    Statement Upheld Residential care 17-Dec-2019

    Summary: Mr X complains that the Care Provider gave notice to Mrs Y when he complained. He said it did not alert him to her worsening health and failed to take medical advice about her recovery. The Ombudsman finds the Care Provider caused injustice to Mrs Y and Mr X when it gave notice and in some other aspects of the complaint. He recommends the Care Provider apologise to Mr X and review its complaints process. Also, to ensure it has a suitable process in place to deal with difficult relationships.

  • Shropshire Council (19 000 192)

    Statement Not upheld Residential care 12-Dec-2019

    Summary: The complainant says the Council placed her late husband in a nursing home that did not meet his needs rather than a hospice causing him to suffer and distress to the family. The Council says it arranged a place in a nursing home following an assessment where the nursing home said it could meet the resident's needs and liaised with hospice staff in providing end of life care. In deciding on the nursing home, the Council considered its proximity to the family home, so the resident benefitted from family visits. The Council investigated complaints about the nursing home but found the care provided acceptable. The Ombudsman finds the Council acted without fault.

  • The Limes Care Home Limited (19 004 805)

    Statement Not upheld Residential care 12-Dec-2019

    Summary: Ms B complains about the standard of care provided to her mother when she was on end of life care. There is insufficient evidence to make a finding of fault as many issues are one person's word against another. The care records show the Care Provider was giving an adequate standard of care, and meeting Mrs C's needs.

  • Devon County Council (19 003 424)

    Statement Upheld Residential care 06-Dec-2019

    Summary: The Council has already admitted that there was fault when there was an incident involving Mrs D at the care home. The Ombudsman recommends that the Council apologises in writing to Mrs D and her daughter, identifies an alternative care home that Mrs D could move to and reminds the care home to complete the risk assessment relating to Mrs D.

  • Belong Limited (19 002 568)

    Statement Not upheld Residential care 04-Dec-2019

    Summary: There is no evidence that the actions of the care provider caused injustice to the late Mr X. There were some disagreements about food quality and timing which the care provider sought to resolve. The care provider appropriately reported a near-miss incident with medication. The care provider sought medical attention promptly for Mr X.