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  • Cornwall Council (17 014 828)

    Report Upheld Land 24-Jan-2019

    Summary: Mr B complains the Council has delayed unnecessarily in processing his application to register a new village green, which he initially submitted in 2008. He also complains it failed to update him on the progress of the application.

  • Council of the Isles of Scilly (15 019 440)

    Report Upheld Other 06-Feb-2018

    Summary: A family (Mr and Ms B) complain the Council has not provided the remedy recommended in an earlier report.

  • Durham County Council (13 017 302)

    Report Upheld Land 12-May-2015

    Summary: A man complained an officer of the council improperly used knowledge gained through his employment for his personal advantage and to the man's detriment. It then failed to properly investigate the allegations.

  • Fylde Borough Council (13 008 737)

    Report Upheld Land 06-Aug-2014

    Summary: Complaint from a women (representing a resident's group) about the way the council, through the Board of directors of a company it owned, decided to sell the company's shares and its housing development, to a developer.

  • Bolsover District Council (12 009 272)

    Report Upheld Land 05-Nov-2013

    Summary: Complaint from a lady that the council appropriated land at its headquarters which was designated as public open space without following the correct procedures.

  • Wigan Metropolitan Borough Council (12 014 629)

    Report Upheld Land 29-Oct-2013

    Summary: Complaint from a man about the process the council followed when he bid to use a disused community centre.

  • Plymouth City Council (12 006 419)

    Report Upheld Land 19-Sep-2012

    Summary: Plymouth City Council's delay in fulfilling a settlement remedy it had agreed with the Local Government Ombudsman demonstrated "a lack of appropriate commitment to customer service".

  • Wolverhampton City Council (09R003 218)

    Report Upheld Land 16-May-2012

    Summary: There were serious failures in Wolverhampton City Council's handling of a town centre regeneration scheme.

  • London Borough of Merton (09 016 788)

    Report Upheld Land 16-Feb-2011

    Summary: The London Borough of Merton delayed over the redevelopment of a site where a new community facility was to be provided.

  • Barnsley Metropolitan Borough Council (09 014 290)

    Report Upheld Land 14-Feb-2011

    Summary: Barnsley Council raised the price of a narrow strip of land it had agreed to sell to a woman for her extension - effectively valuing a small triangle of land, 7 inches at its widest point, at £4,000.