Leisure and culture

Recent statements in this category are shown below:

  • Northumberland Council (18 008 632)

    Statement Upheld Leisure and culture 22-Mar-2019

    Summary: Mrs X complained a Leisure Provider, acting on behalf of the Council, failed to properly investigate her complaint about an alleged assault by a staff member in its leisure centre. There was fault and the Council will pay £150 to Mrs X for the distress caused and time and trouble spent on pursuing the complaint. The Council will also make service improvements to the Leisure Provider's complaints procedure.

  • Poole Borough Council (18 012 218)

    Statement Upheld Leisure and culture 12-Mar-2019

    Summary: Mr & Mrs X could not make full use of a beach hut they rented from the Council due to a delay in completing repairs. The Council has accepted it was at fault and this caused injustice. It accepted my recommendations for a suitable financial remedy.

  • Oldham Metropolitan Borough Council (18 011 673)

    Statement Not upheld Leisure and culture 11-Mar-2019

    Summary: Mr S complained that he was unable to access his email account on computers at the Council's libraries. However, we have found no fault with the Council's actions.

  • Coventry City Council (18 004 676)

    Statement Not upheld Leisure and culture 05-Mar-2019

    Summary: Mr C complains about the way the Council investigated an incident at one of its libraries and not being reissued his library card following a previous ban. The Ombudsman has found no evidence of fault by the Council.

  • London Borough of Newham (17 013 574)

    Statement Upheld Leisure and culture 25-Feb-2019

    Summary: Mr B complains that the Council did not properly deal with nominations for two pubs as Assets of Community Value. The Council made decisions without considering all the available information and has not reviewed the flawed decisions. The Council has taken too long to deal with Mr B's complaint, meaning Mr B has had to wait over two years for the Council to properly consider his nominations. The Council should pay Mr B £150 for the time and trouble it has taken him to pursue his complaint. The Ombudsman cannot consider matters when they are ongoing, but if Mr B is still unhappy once the review process is complete, he can make a fresh complaint to the Ombudsman.

  • Barnsley Metropolitan Borough Council (18 008 407)

    Statement Not upheld Leisure and culture 15-Feb-2019

    Summary: Mr B complains the Council wrongly ended his allotment tenancy based on false allegations and unnecessarily removed and damaged his possessions when recovering the allotment. The Ombudsman has found no evidence of fault in the process followed by the Council to end Mr B's tenancy.

  • City Of Bradford Metropolitan District Council (17 014 454)

    Statement Upheld Leisure and culture 12-Feb-2019

    Summary: Mr S complains that, due to errors in drafting the lease for a cricket club to use the nearby recreation ground, the Council has allowed the cricket club to restrict access to a public open space. The Council accepts that it has been at fault and that this error has led to confrontations between cricket club officers and members of the public. It has apologised for this. The Council has also agreed to apologise for the lengthy delay in dealing with Mr S's complaint, and its Estates Team will review how it applies the Council's complaints procedure. It will review its procedures to ensure that it undertakes the necessary consultation when proposing to dispose of public open space. It will also put signage in place notifying members of the public of their right to use the recreation ground.

  • London Borough of Harrow (18 010 497)

    Statement Upheld Leisure and culture 01-Feb-2019

    Summary: Mr F complained that his son was unfairly removed from swimming classes at a Council leisure centre, and that both he and his son were subsequently banned from the leisure centre. There was fault in the way the leisure centre dealt with the removal of Mr F's son from his class, and their subsequent correspondence with Mr F. The Council has agreed to offer a financial remedy and conduct a review of Mr F's ban.

  • London Borough of Merton (18 009 395)

    Statement Upheld Leisure and culture 31-Jan-2019

    Summary: Ms B complains the Council has failed to deal with a bamboo plant growing on recreational parkland which has spread into her and her neighbour's garden. She also complains about the way the Council handled her complaint about this matter. The Ombudsman has found the Council was at fault for failing to deal with Ms B's request in a timely manner and for not keeping her properly updated on the actions it took in response. We have also found it was at fault for the way it handled her complaint. These faults caused Ms B a certain amount of distress as her concerns were not taken seriously by the Council and it could have resolved the matter sooner. We recommend it decides how it will remove the bamboo plant from the park and provides Ms B with a timetable of any action it plans to undertake. We also recommend it apologises to her and makes some service improvements to prevent the faults identified from reoccurring. It has agreed to carry out these recommendations.

  • London Borough of Hillingdon (18 006 665)

    Statement Upheld Leisure and culture 29-Jan-2019

    Summary: The Council was at fault for the way in which it dealt with Ms R's requests for a reasonable adjustment when attending a reading group at her local library and her complaint about this. Ms R has felt unfairly excluded from the group because of her disability and this has caused her considerable distress. The Council should meet with Ms R to discuss her experience and to apologise. The Council should also provide a piece of specialist equipment to Ms R and review its procedure and training for library staff.