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  • Essex County Council (19 007 916)

    Statement Upheld Other 18-Mar-2020

    Summary: Mrs C complains that two Council-commissioned alcohol treatment and recovery services failed to provide her sister's late partner, Mr B, with appropriate 'dual diagnosis' (alcohol dependence and coexisting bipolar affective disorder) support and treatment. Mrs C says as a result Mr B was unable to maintain permanent abstinence from alcohol and this contributed to his death. The Ombudsman has found fault in some of the communication to Mr B and his family but is satisfied the actions already taken by the provider together with an apology and a service improvement review by the Council provide a suitable remedy.

  • East Sussex County Council (19 009 618)

    Statement Upheld Other 12-Mar-2020

    Summary: Mr X complains the Council unfairly restricted his access to its service, causing him distress. The Ombudsman finds fault in the Council's decision making process and recommends the Council lifts the restriction, pays Mr X £100 for distress and takes action to prevent recurrence.

  • London Borough of Lewisham (19 007 496)

    Statement Not upheld Other 04-Mar-2020

    Summary: Mr C complained about the Council's treatment of him under its 'managing unreasonable complainant behaviour' policy. Mr C said he suffered unnecessary upset and anxiety which had a harmful effect on an existing medical condition and the restriction added delay to any routine service request. The Ombudsman has found no evidence of fault by the Council.

  • Essex County Council (19 007 099)

    Statement Upheld Other 03-Mar-2020

    Summary: Mr X complains about how the Council managed his contact with it. He says the decision to restrict his contact affected his ability to raise issues in an emergency. The Ombudsman does find fault with how the Council managed Mr X's contact however, this did not cause Mr X significant injustice.

  • Bolsover District Council (19 004 972)

    Statement Not upheld Other 28-Feb-2020

    Summary: Mr X complained about the Council's investigation of environmental health issues he reported and its complaint handling. I have not found the Council to be at fault.

  • London Borough of Haringey (19 009 176)

    Statement Upheld Other 26-Feb-2020

    Summary: The Ombudsman found fault by the Council on Ms L's complaint about its nationality checking service. It failed to identify she had the wrong document before submitting her application for citizenship to the Home Office who then refused to refund her most of the £1,282 fee. It also failed to consider exercising discretion to investigate her formal complaint. The agreed action remedies the injustice caused.

  • Dorset Council (19 009 792)

    Statement Not upheld Other 04-Feb-2020

    Summary: There was no fault by the Council, in this complaint about the costs of a funeral. For this reason, the Ombudsman has completed his investigation.

  • Rother District Council (18 015 743)

    Statement Not upheld Other 04-Feb-2020

    Summary: There was no fault in the Council's decision to introduce a Public Space Protection Order. For this reason, the Ombudsman has completed his investigation.

  • Chichester District Council (19 009 739)

    Statement Not upheld Other 17-Jan-2020

    Summary: Mr B complains on behalf of his wife, Mrs B, that the Council has not responded to her complaint about its failure to delete her employment details from its records. Mr B complained to the Council that it used her employment details to wrongly apply for an attachment to earnings order. The Ombudsman has discontinued the investigation because there is another body better placed to consider this complaint; the Information Commissioner.

  • London Tribunals (19 013 345)

    Statement Upheld Other 15-Jan-2020

    Summary: The Ombudsman will not investigate this complaint that the Authority failed to respond to the complainant's letters and emails. This is because the matter has been resolved.