Child protection

Recent statements in this category are shown below:

  • Tameside Metropolitan Borough Council (18 007 685)

    Statement Not upheld Child protection 15-Jan-2019

    Summary: Mr X complained about how the Council carried out a Child and Family Assessment into the wellbeing of his children, A and B. Mr X said the Council was biased towards his ex-partner, Ms Y and did not properly consider his views. The Council is not at fault. It carried out the assessment in line with the relevant guidance, and the records show it did consider Mr X's views.

  • Hampshire County Council (18 003 624)

    Statement Upheld Child protection 08-Jan-2019

    Summary: Mr X complains about the Council's decision to undertake a safeguarding investigation and about the way his complaint was handled. He says the Council failed to follow the statutory complaints process and child protection protocols. He says this has had a negative impact on him and his family. The Ombudsman finds fault with the Council for not adhering to timeframes set out by government guidance for dealing with complaints of this nature. This caused Mr X injustice. The Council has agreed to apologise to Mr X.

  • Wokingham Borough Council (18 009 637)

    Statement Upheld Child protection 04-Jan-2019

    Summary: Ms C complained the Council had failed to keep her family's files up to date, which had caused it to give information to her ex-partner, which he should not have had. There is evidence of fault and the Council has been asked to apologise and to share the results of its training and monitoring of its new policy.

  • Northamptonshire County Council (17 018 606)

    Statement Upheld Child protection 21-Dec-2018

    Summary: The Ombudsman finds the Council was at fault for service failings throughout the Child Protection and complaints processes. The Council recognises that this caused Miss X avoidable distress. The Council offered to pay Miss X £1000 to remedy the time and trouble in pursuing the complaint and the distress that was caused as a result of the service failings identified. The Ombudsman considers this to be an appropriate remedy.

  • North Somerset Council (16 016 486)

    Statement Upheld Child protection 17-Dec-2018

    Summary: Mrs A complains of fault in the way the Council made arrangements for the care of her great-grandchildren for the Christmas period and in what it recorded about her granddaughter, the children's mother. She says this has caused them serious distress. There was some fault by the Council in what it recorded that caused the family distress, though this fault would not have led to different actions. The Council will pay Mrs A and her granddaughter a total of £650 and place a copy of this decision on the children's records.

  • Nottingham City Council (17 014 100)

    Statement Upheld Child protection 14-Dec-2018

    Summary: Mr F complains there were failings by the Council during a child protection investigation. We uphold the complaint, agreeing with the findings of an independent investigation undertaken previously into Mr F's concerns which found some errors in its case management and record keeping. We consider the Council acted on the findings of that investigation and has remedied Mr F's injustice. So, we do not make further criticisms nor ask the Council to take further action to remedy the complaint.

  • Leicester City Council (18 008 912)

    Statement Not upheld Child protection 10-Dec-2018

    Summary: Mr F complains the Council failed to take appropriate action after his partner assaulted their children. The court considered this but did not take any action as a result. There is no evidence of Council fault.

  • Surrey County Council (18 005 857)

    Statement Upheld Child protection 07-Dec-2018

    Summary: Ms C complained to the Council on using the statutory children's complaints procedure. The Council refused to escalate her complaint to stage 3. The Council was at fault. It was legally obliged to hold a stage 3 review. It should do so.

  • Norfolk County Council (18 004 240)

    Statement Upheld Child protection 26-Nov-2018

    Summary: The Council was at fault for not properly dealing with Mr J's complaints about the content of his child's social work report and the Council's attitude towards male victims of domestic abuse. Mr J has suffered injustice as the Council has not considered his complaint in line with statutory guidance. The Ombudsman recommends the Council starts the second stage complaint investigation under the statutory procedure for children without delay.

  • Nottingham City Council (18 002 700)

    Statement Not upheld Child protection 23-Nov-2018

    Summary: Mr X complains the Council acted with fault in reaching a view of him that led to it writing child protection plans unnecessarily for his children. There was no fault by the Council.