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Category : Housing > Allocations

Decision : Upheld

Decision date : 09 Aug 2016


Complaint from a woman that the council did not properly assess her priority for housing based on medical need. She also complains it gives priority to re-housing people in temporary accommodation over those in permanent (but unsuitable) accommodation.


The Ombudsman upheld the complaint and found fault causing injustice.


To remedy the injustice caused, the council has agreed to:

  • apologise to the woman within one month of the date of the report;
  • pay the woman £2,100 within one month of the date of the report to acknowledge the difficulties and injustice caused to her and her family by these faults over a six month period; and
  • ensure there is no unnecessary delay in carrying out further adaptations recommended by the Occupational Therapist's assessment of the property to which the woman has now moved.

Ombudsman satisfied with council's response: 13 October 2016

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