Recent statements in this category are shown below:

  • London Borough of Barnet (18 018 326)

    Statement Upheld Allocations 21-Oct-2019

    Summary: Ms C says the Council failed to place her in the correct category for housing allocation. Ms C says she suffered injustice as she is in unsuitable housing. The Council was at fault for a failure to apply the guidance on housing for local people. This caused her injustice. The Council has agreed to reconsider its decision. It has also agreed to review its procedures.

  • London Borough of Havering (18 015 930)

    Statement Not upheld Allocations 16-Oct-2019

    Summary: The Council acted in line with its housing allocations policy when dealing with Miss A's applications and so was not at fault.

  • Lincoln City Council (19 003 811)

    Statement Not upheld Allocations 15-Oct-2019

    Summary: Mr and Mrs X complain the Council has failed to award local connection priority on their housing application. The Council has considered information presented about a local connection but the evidence does not meet the criteria set out in the Council's lettings policy. There is no evidence of fault in how the Council dealt with Mr and Mrs X's housing application.

  • Hinckley & Bosworth Borough Council (19 001 448)

    Statement Not upheld Allocations 15-Oct-2019

    Summary: Ms X complains the Council failed to properly consider her need to move to social housing in its area. My initial view is there is no fault in the Council's consideration of Ms X's application to join its housing register.

  • London Borough of Ealing (18 017 160)

    Statement Not upheld Allocations 14-Oct-2019

    Summary: Ms X complains the Council delayed in offering alternative housing which she required on personal safety grounds. While it could be argued it took longer than it should have for Ms X to move to a new property, this is not due to fault by the Council. Ms X's actions, in requesting consideration of a move to a three bedroom property was the reason for it taking longer.

  • London Borough of Lewisham (18 017 091)

    Statement Not upheld Allocations 14-Oct-2019

    Summary: Miss X complained the Council has not properly considered her housing priority. There is no fault in how the Council made its decision concerning Miss X's housing priority or in how it has dealt with her bids for properties.

  • London Borough of Islington (18 001 721)

    Statement Upheld Allocations 14-Oct-2019

    Summary: Ms X complained the Council did not take reasonable steps to protect her belongings when she became homeless in 2015. She says because of this she had to pay for private storage and went into debt. The Council did not properly consider its duty or advise Ms X of options in 2015. It took until Ms X's complaint in 2016 to properly advise. To remedy injustice caused by this fault it has agreed to calculate and pay for Ms X's storage space costs between July 2015 until August 2016. It will calculate this having regard to the floor space Ms X rented from the storage firm, using its average cost of storage funding as a basis. It will also pay her £150 for time and trouble, and develop advice for people facing homelessness on their options.

  • London Borough of Bromley (18 018 813)

    Statement Upheld Allocations 11-Oct-2019

    Summary: Miss D complains the Council placed her in unsuitable interim accommodation, delayed dealing with her homelessness application, and failed to offer her suitable temporary accommodation. The Ombudsman has found fault. The Council had already agreed to make Miss D a direct offer of accommodation.

  • London Borough of Croydon (18 003 589)

    Statement Upheld Allocations 11-Oct-2019

    Summary: Mr X complains the Council failed to carry out three suitability review requests and notify him of the decision. The evidence shows the carried out two reviews. One decision was sent to Mr X's solicitors and the other decision was sent but not received. There failure to complete one review and delays in respect of the other two are fault. The evidence does not support Mr X's claim that he was unable to bid because of the fault in these cases.

  • Daventry District Council (18 008 970)

    Statement Not upheld Allocations 10-Oct-2019

    Summary: Mr and Mrs X complain the Council poorly handled their application to move house when they were suffering alleged anti-social behaviour from their neighbours. We do not find the Council at fault.