Disabled children

Recent statements in this category are shown below:

  • Birmingham City Council (19 002 140)

    Statement Upheld Disabled children 30-Sep-2019

    Summary: Ms X complains about decisions taken by the Council in relation to direct payments for her two disabled children. She is particularly unhappy about a decision by an appeal panel taken in June 2018, which she says upheld a reduction in payments and did not properly consider their family circumstances. The Ombudsman found there was fault in how the Council handled evidence presented for an April 2018 'mini panel' hearing. However, the rest of its panel hearings about Ms X's case, including her appeal in June 2018, were properly conducted.

  • London Borough of Harrow (19 000 440)

    Statement Upheld Disabled children 20-Sep-2019

    Summary: the Council cannot explain why Mrs M's daughter, G, was eligible for a Blue Badge in the past but her recent application to renew her Badge was unsuccessful. The Council invited G to an assessment but then made a decision without seeing her. These faults call the Council's decision into question. The Council has agreed to consider a fresh application.

  • Devon County Council (18 013 968)

    Statement Upheld Disabled children 17-Sep-2019

    Summary: Ms X complains of fault in the way the Council dealt with her when assessing her sons' needs. The Council has been at fault in the way it has communicated with her and this has caused Ms X avoidable anxiety. The Council has already apologised for its communication failures, and it will also pay Ms X £750 and remind staff that parental consent is required for assessments of children unless there is a good reason not to seek consent.

  • Slough Borough Council (18 012 978)

    Statement Upheld Disabled children 23-Aug-2019

    Summary: Mrs X complains about the way the Council has supported her daughter and herself. The Council is at fault as Slough Children's Services Trust delayed in carrying out a carer's assessment. The Trusts refusal to escalate Mrs X's complaint to stage two of the complaints procedure is also fault. These faults have not caused Mrs X a significant injustice.

  • Birmingham City Council (18 013 857)

    Statement Upheld Disabled children 12-Aug-2019

    Summary: The Council is at fault as it did not provide an adequate care package to allow their daughter to be discharged from hospital. As a result Y remained in hospital for two months longer than necessary and missed two months of school. Mrs X was caused distress and avoidable time and trouble. The Council has agreed to remedy this injustice by making payments to Mr and Mrs X and Ms Y and reviewing Y's care package and respite provision.

  • Essex County Council (17 019 893)

    Statement Upheld Disabled children 27-Jun-2019

    Summary: The Ombudsman found fault by the Council in its handling of the Education, Health and Care plan process for a young man with special educational needs, and with the social care support it provided to him. This resulted in unnecessary delays and caused the complainant, who is the young man's mother, avoidable distress and inconvenience. The Council agreed to apologise to the complainant and pay a financial remedy in recognition of the impact this fault had on her and her son. The Council will also take action to prevent similar problems occurring in future.

  • Central Bedfordshire Council (16 002 323)

    Statement Upheld Disabled children 17-Jun-2019

    Summary: The Ombudsmen found fault with the way a CCG managed the Children's Continuing Care process for a child with severe disabilities. They recommended the CCG apologise for this fault and pay the complainants a financial remedy in recognition of the distress this caused them. They also found fault with the Council's delayed assessment of the parents' needs as carers. The Council agreed to apologise to the complainants. The Ombudsmen found no fault with the actions of a Trust involved with the child's care.

  • London Borough of Islington (18 011 162)

    Statement Not upheld Disabled children 29-May-2019

    Summary: Ms X complained the Council failed to provide disabled adaptations for her son, Z, did not take action when she complained her neighbour was abusing Z and failed to provide out of school activities for Z as specified in his Education, Health and Care Plan. There was no fault in the Council's actions.

  • London Borough of Sutton (18 013 226)

    Statement Upheld Disabled children 29-May-2019

    Summary: Miss B complained that the Council failed to pay sufficient compensation for the injustice caused by fault in the way it dealt with provision of support for her son, C. The Council has agreed to pay £3100.

  • London Borough of Sutton (18 011 310)

    Statement Upheld Disabled children 21-May-2019

    Summary: Mrs B complained about the Council's refusal to provide transport for her son to attend short breaks at out-of-borough placement, following a reduction in the opening hours of the in-borough provision. We have found fault with the Council's decision not to pay for the transport and the way in which it dealt with the complaint. The Council has agreed to pay Mrs B £500.