Disabled children

Recent statements in this category are shown below:

  • Cheshire East Council (17 008 432)

    Statement Upheld Disabled children 17-Nov-2017

    Summary: The Council failed to deal with Ms B's complaint in line with the children's statutory complaints procedure. After the Ombudsman's intervention, it has now agreed to do so.

  • Northamptonshire County Council (16 019 415)

    Statement Upheld Disabled children 14-Nov-2017

    Summary: the Council delayed putting in place some of the recommendations from a complaint investigation and failed to put in place one of the recommendations. An apology, arranging a meeting, consideration of the outstanding complaints, working with the Borough Council on accommodation and payment of £500 is satisfactory remedy for the injustice caused.

  • London Borough of Haringey (17 007 475)

    Statement Closed after initial enquiries Disabled children 10-Nov-2017

    Summary: We will not investigate Mr F's complaint about officers' conduct and information shared with other parties. There are overlapping court proceedings and other bodies better placed to consider the issues.

  • London Borough of Hillingdon (17 002 902)

    Statement Not upheld Disabled children 30-Oct-2017

    Summary: The Council has demonstrated it is considering Ms X's complaints at Stage 2 of the statutory children's complaints procedures. Therefore, I have discontinued my investigation into her complaint.

  • Birmingham City Council (16 018 136)

    Statement Not upheld Disabled children 24-Oct-2017

    Summary: There was no fault by the Council in a complaint that its children's services department did not properly assess the needs of a disabled child and make a referral on time to the housing department for priority housing points to the household.

  • West Sussex County Council (16 016 134)

    Statement Upheld Disabled children 17-Oct-2017

    Summary: Mr X complains about the way the Council has dealt with an assessment and support plan for his disabled child and his needs as a parent carer. The Council was not at fault in the way it assessed his child's needs and decided the budget. There are some areas where the Council should be clearer about how the budget can be used. There was no fault causing injustice in the way the Council assessed the parent carer needs because Mr X has not taken up the Council's offer of a further assessment.

  • East Sussex County Council (16 017 283)

    Statement Not upheld Disabled children 16-Oct-2017

    Summary: The Council was not at fault in the way it cancelled some of B's overnight respite provision and offered an alternative care package to Ms X.

  • Luton Borough Council (17 006 213)

    Statement Closed after initial enquiries Disabled children 10-Oct-2017

    Summary: The Ombudsman will not investigate Miss B's complaint the Council has failed to make enough arrangements for her son, who is looked after by the Council, to transfer between schools. There is not enough evidence of the Council being at fault so an investigation is not warranted.

  • Royal Borough of Greenwich (16 018 337)

    Statement Upheld Disabled children 08-Oct-2017

    Summary: The Council was at fault in failing to offer an Early Help Assessment when it was appropriate to do so. However that fault did not lead to significant injustice.

  • London Borough of Haringey (16 012 017)

    Statement Not upheld Disabled children 17-Aug-2017

    Summary: The Council was not at fault in the way in which it re-assessed the needs of Ms R and her family for short breaks to provide respite from caring for her son T, who has special needs.