Council tax

Recent statements in this category are shown below:

  • London Borough of Redbridge (18 018 255)

    Statement Upheld Council tax 11-Oct-2019

    Summary: Mrs J complains the Council pursued recovery of council tax when her home became uninhabitable after the Council carried out works to the estate. She says it should apply a council tax reduction and discounts. There is fault by the Council for which it has provided an appropriate remedy.

  • London Borough of Waltham Forest (19 007 861)

    Statement Upheld Council tax 10-Oct-2019

    Summary: Ms X complains about the way the Council dealt with her council tax account. The Ombudsman will not investigate this complaint because the matter has been settled to the Ombudsman's satisfaction.

  • London Borough of Bexley (19 001 619)

    Statement Not upheld Council tax 07-Oct-2019

    Summary: Ms B complained about the way the Council dealt with council tax arrears and a housing benefit overpayment. We cannot find fault with the Council's actions.

  • Knowsley Metropolitan Borough Council (19 000 874)

    Statement Upheld Council tax 01-Oct-2019

    Summary: The Council failed to end council tax liability when a couple told it they had moved. The couple were in credit with the council tax but the Council, without their knowledge, obtained two liability orders against them. The Council then engaged enforcement agents who sent notices to their current home. This caused distress to them and adversely effected the health condition of one of them. The Council will apologise and pay a financial remedy for the time, trouble and distress it caused.

  • Nuneaton & Bedworth Borough Council (18 014 382)

    Statement Upheld Council tax 01-Oct-2019

    Summary: Mr X complained the Council were wrong to take recovery action when he made late council tax payments. The Council was entitled to issue a summons and obtain a liability order. However, it should have made contact with Mr X to try to agree a payment plan before it placed the account with bailiffs. The Council agreed to clear all the additional recovery fees to remedy the complaint.

  • North East Lincolnshire Council (19 000 823)

    Statement Not upheld Council tax 30-Sep-2019

    Summary: Mr X complains he has to pay towards his Council Tax although he is on benefits. The Council's Council Tax Reduction Scheme allows a maximum 75% reduction for working age claimants. The Ombudsman cannot question the Council's properly held policy.

  • Preston City Council (19 000 896)

    Statement Upheld Council tax 26-Sep-2019

    Summary: The Ombudsman found fault by the Council on Mr E's complaint that it wrongly refused to refund overpaid council tax from 1993-1998 following a re-banding of his former home by the Valuation Office. It failed to keep records before 1999 despite sending estimated demand notices of the chargeable amount he had to pay which could change. This caused avoidable injustice as it did not have the records to show what he overpaid. The agreed action, including a refund of £810.93, remedies the injustice caused.

  • Birmingham City Council (19 003 251)

    Statement Upheld Council tax 25-Sep-2019

    Summary: Miss B complained that the Council sent council tax demands, a court summons and a court order to the wrong address so she was unaware of the debt until she had contact from the bailiff. The Council also wrongly advised her that it could apply a discount to the bill. The Council has acknowledged it should have identified that Miss B was not living at that address and has deducted the court costs and returned the account from the bailiffs. It should also deduct £150 from the amount due in recognition of the distress it caused her and further frustration and confusion when it gave her wrong advice.

  • Bristol City Council (18 013 055)

    Statement Not upheld Council tax 24-Sep-2019

    Summary: The complainant says the Council failed to properly manage his council tax account and ensure he knew about arrears owed on the account. The complaint says the Council wrongly added enforcement costs to his council tax bill. The Council says it followed the correct procedures and issued bills, reminders and notices and sent them to the property and after tracing the complainant to his current address. The Council says it incurred enforcement costs because the complainant did not leave a forwarding address and so it had to trace him. It recognises it did not respond to an email for a year. The Ombudsman finds the Council acted without fault or caused a significant injustice in following up the council tax owed on the property.

  • Breckland District Council (18 017 163)

    Statement Not upheld Council tax 20-Sep-2019

    Summary: Miss K complains the Council has not taken account of payments she made for council tax. She says it has not made reasonable adjustments to help her claim a council tax reduction and other discounts. The Ombudsman found no fault by the Council.