Council tax

Recent statements in this category are shown below:

  • Westminster City Council (19 003 422)

    Statement Upheld Council tax 12-Jul-2019

    Summary: Mr X complained about the Council's handling of his Council Tax account. The Ombudsman should not investigate this complaint. This is because the Council has apologized for its error and offered suitable financial redress.

  • London Borough of Redbridge (18 018 463)

    Statement Upheld Council tax 11-Jul-2019

    Summary: Ms B complained about the way the Council dealt with an old council tax debt and its refusal to consider its discretionary powers to reduce the debt on hardship grounds. While we do not find fault with the way the Council sought to recover the debt, we do find fault with its failure to consider its discretionary powers at an earlier point. The Council has reduced the debt to zero and agreed to pay Ms B £100.

  • Welwyn Hatfield Borough Council (18 018 756)

    Statement Upheld Council tax 11-Jul-2019

    Summary: The Council is at fault as it did not send Council Tax bills to Mr and Mrs X's forwarding address. As a result, Mr and Mrs X were wrongly charged court costs and contacted by enforcement agents. The Council has agreed to remedy Mr and Mrs X's distress and avoidable time and trouble by making a payment of £200 to them.

  • Sandwell Metropolitan Borough Council (18 017 227)

    Statement Upheld Council tax 10-Jul-2019

    Summary:Summary. Mr C complains about the way the Council sought recovery of unpaid council tax. He says he has paid what was owed. Based on the evidence seen, I find that the Council was not at fault and is entitled to purse Mr C for the debt owed

  • London Borough of Croydon (18 015 792)

    Statement Upheld Council tax 09-Jul-2019

    Summary: The Council failed to tell Ms X about the Valuation Tribunal when she disputed liability for council tax. Instead it took unnecessary and distressing enforcement action against her for two years. The Council wrongly told the Social Services Department of the council Ms X had moved to that it was investigating her for council tax fraud. This caused further distress. To put this right the Council will apologise to Ms X and pay her a financial remedy for the distress, time and trouble it caused. The Council should also tell the Ombudsman how it will ensure it properly handles council tax liability disputes in future.

  • Tonbridge and Malling Borough Council (18 015 129)

    Statement Not upheld Council tax 08-Jul-2019

    Summary: Mr X complains about the way the Council advised him about a planning application and liability for Council Tax at his mother's property and the annexe occupied by Mr X causing him to pay excessive Council Tax. The Ombudsman has found no evidence of fault in the way the Council considered these matters.

  • East Riding of Yorkshire Council (18 016 806)

    Statement Upheld Council tax 08-Jul-2019

    Summary: Mr X complained about how the Council pursued him for council tax arears. Mr X said the Council instructed bailiffs without making adequate efforts to contact him first. The Council was at fault. It failed to identify Mr X's new address on an enquiry form he submitted, and as a result Mr X incurred an avoidable enforcement fee of £235. The Council agreed to reimburse Mr X the £235 enforcement fee. The Council also agreed to apologise to Mr X for the frustration and time and trouble caused to him by its poor handling of his complaint.

  • London Borough of Harrow (18 016 224)

    Statement Upheld Council tax 03-Jul-2019

    Summary: Miss B complains the Council has not applied a disability discount to her council tax bill. Miss B complains she is now in debt and this has negatively impacted her health. The Ombudsman found fault. The injustice caused by this this fault has been remedied by the Council. Miss B could have appealed to the Valuation Tribunal about her council tax and council tax support.

  • Calderdale Metropolitan Borough Council (18 018 154)

    Statement Upheld Council tax 03-Jul-2019

    Summary: The Ombudsman upholds Mrs X's complaint about how the Council handled a council tax exemption on an empty property. The Council did not apply or remove the exemption correctly which led to a delay in issuing a council tax bill. This caused Mrs X distress. The Council agreed to apologise to Mrs X and pay her £100 in recognition of the confusion caused by its mistakes. It will also remind staff dealing with council tax enquiries about the circumstances in which the Valuation Office Agency may remove a property's banding and ensure they are directing owners to the agency correctly.

  • London Borough of Haringey (18 011 730)

    Statement Upheld Council tax 02-Jul-2019

    Summary: Mr B complains about the way the Council considered his application for a discount or exemption for council tax, his offer of repayments and failed to respond to his correspondence. There was fault by the Council in its communication with Mr B but it has not caused him significant injustice.