Council tax

Recent statements in this category are shown below:

  • East Riding of Yorkshire Council (18 019 718)

    Statement Not upheld Council tax 10-Sep-2019

    Summary: Mr A complains the Council unfairly pursued recovery of council tax arrears using enforcement agents. He says this caused severe anxiety. The Ombudsman's finds that there is no evidence of fault by the Council or its enforcement agent.

  • Welwyn Hatfield Borough Council (19 000 416)

    Statement Not upheld Council tax 09-Sep-2019

    Summary: Miss X complained about the way the Council dealt with her council tax account because it failed to apply a single person's discount and other errors which caused her to pay too much. The Ombudsman has not found fault with the Council's actions because Miss X did not pay her bill on time, or keep the Council informed about her whereabouts. The Council was entitled to take the action it did to enforce the unpaid account.

  • Calderdale Metropolitan Borough Council (19 002 639)

    Statement Upheld Council tax 03-Sep-2019

    Summary: The Ombudsman finds fault with the way the Council handled Mr B's complaint about a court summons it issued in error. This caused Mr B unnecessary distress and inconvenience. The Council has accepted the Ombudsman's recommendations to remedy the injustice.

  • Manchester City Council (18 018 891)

    Statement Not upheld Council tax 30-Aug-2019

    Summary: Miss T complains the Council was pursuing her for a council tax debt she had already cleared. The Ombudsman has discontinued our investigation, as the Council has made a discretionary payment that has cleared the arrears.

  • London Borough of Hammersmith & Fulham (19 002 305)

    Statement Not upheld Council tax 28-Aug-2019

    Summary: Mr X complained the Council sent him council tax bills for different amounts and incorrectly sent him a court summons, which caused him stress. The Council was not at fault in how it recovered council tax from Mr X.

  • Woking Borough Council (18 018 439)

    Statement Not upheld Council tax 28-Aug-2019

    Summary: the Ombudsman considers there is insufficient evidence of fault by the Council regarding its recovery of council tax from Mr K, who is vulnerable.

  • Calderdale Metropolitan Borough Council (19 000 207)

    Statement Upheld Council tax 27-Aug-2019

    Summary: Miss X complains the Council wrongly awarded a council tax exemption and later sent her a bill for over £1,000. This fault by the Council caused Miss X distress and financial hardship as she did not budget for this expenditure. A suitable remedy for the injustice caused is agreed.

  • Durham County Council (19 001 801)

    Statement Not upheld Council tax 21-Aug-2019

    Summary: The complainant, Mrs X, says the Council is at fault for issuing her with a summons for council tax arrears. The Ombudsman has not found any evidence of fault by the Council regarding its decision to take recovery action. He also considers the Council's offer to remove recovery costs addresses the alleged fault with its payment systems. For this reason, he has ended his consideration of this complaint.

  • London Borough of Sutton (18 019 946)

    Statement Upheld Council tax 14-Aug-2019

    Summary: Mr B complains about the Council's recovery of council tax due for a property where he was the tenant. He says he is not the liable person and the Council's delay in taking action and providing information has meant he cannot prove his position. The Council failed to tell Mr B of his right to appeal to the Valuation Tribunal. The Council will apologise for this.

  • Rushmoor Borough Council (18 012 044)

    Statement Not upheld Council tax 08-Aug-2019

    Summary: There is no evidence of fault in how the Council carried out an investigation into whether Mrs X was living at a property and whether it should be subject to an empty property charge.