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Category : Adult care services > Domiciliary care

Decision : Upheld

Decision date : 21 Sep 2017


Adverse findings notice issued because Peepal Care Ltd failed to provide the remedy recommended by the Ombudsman following an investigation. 

The complaint

A man complained about the homecare provided to his mother including that it:

  • Did not involve him enough in identifying new care workers for his mother
  • Did not carry out a handover between previous and new care workers
  • Did not ensure its care worker followed its own staff manual after the mother had a fall at home

These faults meant the mother did not receive all the support she needed, and there was a three day delay in admitting her to hospital after a fall. As a result, the man suffered distress.


We recommended Peepal Care Limited:

  • Apologise for the distress caused
  • Pay the complainant £300 for the distress caused, and having to pursue their complaint with us

Peepal Care Limited does not wish to carry out our recommendations for the following reason:

  • Peepal Care Limited felt that giving an apology to the complainant could be interpreted as an admittance of guilt, which the complainant could then use against Peepal Care Limited in a civil court of law. Peepal Care Limited has therefore declined to apologise and pay the £300 financial remedy.

We are not satisfied with the actions of Peepal Care Limited, which leaves the injustice not put right for the complainant. The Ombudsman is therefore not satisfied with the provider's response and required the publication of the Adverse Findings Notice.



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