Residential care archive 2014-2015

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  • Cambridgeshire County Council (13 016 935)

    Report Upheld Residential care 20-Jan-2015

    Summary: Complaint from a woman that the council moved her husband into a residential home against both his and her wishes. She says she was forced to accept this course of action and the council failed to properly consider her preference of care home.

  • Warwickshire County Council (13 000 134)

    Report Upheld Residential care 31-Oct-2014

    Summary: Complaint from a couple that the council failed to provide respite care in line with their adult disabled daughter's needs. The council also failed to ensure the care provider registered the home, where the women stayed for respite, with the Care Quality Commission.

  • Rooks (Care Homes Ltd) & Green Hill Care Home - Adverse Findings Notice

    Report Upheld Residential care 11-Jul-2014

    Summary: Rooks (Care Home Ltd) failed to respond to a recommendation following an investigation of a complaint by the Ombudsman so an Adverse Findings Notice was issued.

  • Knowsley Metropolitan Borough Council (13 000 338)

    Report Upheld Residential care 09-Jun-2014

    Summary: Complaint from a woman that the council failed to provide an adequate service for her adult son who has autism with severe learning disability and challenging behaviour.