Residential care archive 2013-2014

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  • Worcestershire County Council (12 004 137)

    Report Upheld Residential care 23-Jan-2014

    Summary: Complaint from a son about the council's actions when it became responsible for funding and arranging nursing care for his father whose nursing placement was previously funded by the NHS

  • London Borough of Ealing (12 012 697)

    Report Upheld Residential care 12-Dec-2013

    Summary: A woman complained on behalf of her aunt about a care home placement arranged and funded by the council.

  • Reading Borough Council (10 007 713)

    Report Upheld Residential care 30-Oct-2013

    Summary: Complaint made by a woman about the care provided at the care home to her late uncle.

  • Nottingham City Council (12 019 647)

    Report Upheld Residential care 19-Jul-2013

    Summary: Complaint by a daughter about the quality of residential care provided to her mother by Nottingham City Council.