Planning advice

Recent statements in this category are shown below:

  • Uttlesford District Council (18 012 476)

    Statement Upheld Planning advice 19-Jun-2019

    Summary: The Council failed to provide the complainant with a timely and clear confirmation he had complied with a planning condition on his planning permission. This caused him unnecessary stress and anxiety and time and trouble in pursuing these matters for 10 months. The Council has agreed an increased financial remedy to remedy this injustice.

  • London Borough of Enfield (18 016 014)

    Statement Upheld Planning advice 30-Apr-2019

    Summary: Mrs X complained of delay by the Council in providing pre-application advice on a planning proposal. There was unreasonable delay by the Council in dealing with Mrs X's application. The Council has since provided the advice. It also agreed to a financial remedy for the injustice caused to Mrs X.

  • Stratford-on-Avon District Council (18 009 847)

    Statement Not upheld Planning advice 28-Mar-2019

    Summary: The Council gave suitable advice about permitted development rights to the complainant, through direct communications and its planning guidance documents. It also handled the relevant planning applications without fault.

  • South Somerset District Council (18 011 336)

    Statement Not upheld Planning advice 25-Mar-2019

    Summary: Mr F complains the Council wrongly advised him about a planning application fee. The Ombudsman has found no fault by the Council.

  • Milton Keynes Council (17 019 389)

    Statement Not upheld Planning advice 15-Nov-2018

    Summary: Mr Y complains about the Council's decision to allow a change of use at a site close to his home. Mr Y says the Council has lacked impartiality in its dealings with the developer, and has failed to seek the views of neighbours and other third-parties. The Ombudsman finds no evidence of procedural fault in the Council's handling of the prior approval applications received for the site, and we do not uphold the complaint.

  • London Borough of Lambeth (17 018 507)

    Statement Upheld Planning advice 07-Nov-2018

    Summary: The Ombudsman found no fault on Mrs P's complaints about the planning officer's report and analysis of a planning application for a housing development. The Council delayed dealing with her complaint under the first stage of its complaints procedure. The injustice caused is remedied by the Council sending her a written apology and providing evidence of action taken to avoid future delays.

  • North Lincolnshire Council (18 002 273)

    Statement Not upheld Planning advice 06-Aug-2018

    Summary: Mr B complains the Council failed to properly advise him about what was required to support his application for planning permission and sought to charge him a second application fee when he was entitled to resubmit it free of charge. There is no evidence of fault by the Council and we will not pursue the complaint any further.

  • Taunton Deane Borough Council (17 016 166)

    Statement Upheld Planning advice 30-May-2018

    Summary: The Council gave wrong pre-application planning advice. Because of its error Mrs C took private advice. The Council will apologise, refund Mrs C's costs, and discuss the matter with the involved officer.

  • London Borough of Wandsworth (17 008 189)

    Statement Upheld Planning advice 16-Mar-2018

    Summary: The complaint is about pre-application planning advice that was not complete. I have upheld the complaint and recommended a remedy, although this does not meet the complainant's analysis of the injustice he suffered.

  • Wycombe District Council (17 011 588)

    Statement Not upheld Planning advice 23-Feb-2018

    Summary: Ms X complained the Council misled her about the prospects for approval for housing development on agricultural land. There was no evidence of fault in the way the Council has acted.