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  • London Borough of Barnet (19 004 919)

    Statement Not upheld Allocations 26-Feb-2020

    Summary: Mr X complained about the suitability of his property which he moved into in October 2014. He said the property does not meet his needs as a disabled person and the Council has failed to carry out kitchen adaptations. The Council was not at fault. The Ombudsman has already investigated Mr X's concerns about the suitability of the property. It is open for Mr X to apply for a tenancy transfer if he wants to move to another property. It is also open for Mr X to request a new Occupational Therapist assessment if he wishes the Council to further consider the kitchen adaptations.

  • London Borough of Camden (19 008 244)

    Statement Upheld Allocations 24-Feb-2020

    Summary: Miss X complained the Council delayed her daughter's medical needs assessment in relation to her housing allocation priority. The Council was at fault. The impact of the delays resulted in Miss X and her family missing out on suitable properties. The Council has agreed to backdate Miss X's priority to remedy her injustice.

  • Bristol City Council (19 007 854)

    Statement Upheld Allocations 24-Feb-2020

    Summary: Ms X complained the Council failed to deal properly with her application for housing. There was no delay in the time taken for the Council to award Ms X housing priority and no fault in the way the Council carried out a suitability review of the property it offered her. There was fault when the Council failed to consider medical evidence Ms X submitted but this did not cause her an injustice. Ms X also complained the Council breached data protection legislation but I will not investigate this. This is because matters about data breaches are best left to the Information Commissioner's Office.

  • Epping Forest District Council (19 007 387)

    Statement Upheld Allocations 19-Feb-2020

    Summary: Ms X complained the Council decided the family needed a property without stairs and delayed allowing her to bid for properties. The Council is at fault for giving too much weight to the medical adviser's comments and not considering all relevant factors. It agreed to apologise and make a payment to Ms X for the delays caused.

  • Kirklees Metropolitan Borough Council (19 007 546)

    Statement Not upheld Allocations 18-Feb-2020

    Summary: Mr C complains the Council did not deal properly with his housing application. The Council was not at fault.

  • London Borough of Southwark (19 002 533)

    Statement Upheld Allocations 12-Feb-2020

    Summary: there was fault in the way the Council assessed Mr X's Housing Register application and priority band. On the balance of probabilities, Mr X would not have been rehoused by now if he had been awarded the correct band. As Mr X's circumstances have changed since he made the application, the Council has agreed to take steps to review his housing needs and update his Housing Register application.

  • Epping Forest District Council (19 007 081)

    Statement Upheld Allocations 11-Feb-2020

    Summary: Mrs C complains the Council has not given her daughter's mental health issues sufficient weight when deciding on her priority for rehousing and that information about the occupation of the property was misleading. There was some fault but that has not altered the outcome.

  • London Borough of Redbridge (19 007 096)

    Statement Upheld Allocations 06-Feb-2020

    Summary: Mr B complains the Council has failed to take appropriate action in respect of his family's housing needs. The Ombudsman finds there was some fault by the Council in this matter. The failings identified caused injustice to Mr B, for which a remedy has been agreed.

  • Welwyn Hatfield Borough Council (19 016 225)

    Statement Upheld Allocations 06-Feb-2020

    Summary: Mr X complains that the Council has not awarded him priority on the housing register that accurately reflects the impact of his housing on his health. The Ombudsman will not investigate this complaint because it is unlikely that further investigation would result in a different outcome.

  • East Hertfordshire District Council (19 007 429)

    Statement Upheld Allocations 05-Feb-2020

    Summary: Miss C complains about the priority the Council gave to her housing application. We uphold the complaint, finding fault in how the Council considered Miss C's medical priority and how it responded to reports of disrepair in her flat. We consider this has caused distress to Miss C as without this fault she may have received an offer of re-housing. The Council has agreed proposals to remedy the complaint set out at the end of this statement.