General Practice

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  • The Woottons Surgery (17 019 357)

    Statement Upheld General Practice 18-Jun-2019

    Summary: Mr C has complained about the care and treatment of his late wife by a care home, GP practice and a trust. The Ombudsmen do not uphold the complaint with the care home or Trust, but have found fault with the Practice in relation to medication.

  • Highbridge Medical Centre (18 001 076)

    Statement Not upheld General Practice 11-Jun-2019

    Summary: Ms Y complains about the care and treatment provided to her daughter, Ms X, mostly over a period of six days. The Ombudsmen do not find good reasons to criticise the clinical decisions taken about her care. However, there is evidence of fault causing injustice in the way NHS England dealt with the complaint. To remedy the outstanding injustice, the Ombudsmen recommend NHS England offers a symbolic payment of £100 to Ms X's mother, Ms Y, for the inconvenience caused by its delays.

  • Dodworth Medical Practice (18 010 443)

    Statement Upheld General Practice 07-Jun-2019

    Summary: Mrs D complained that a GP practice and nursing home failed to provide her father with medication he needed for four days and that this led to his death. The Ombudsmen find that both the GP practice and nursing home failed to make sure he received the medication on time, and this reduced his chances of surviving an infection. They have agreed to actions to address this.

  • Crown Heights Medical Centre (17 017 831)

    Statement Upheld General Practice 17-May-2019

    Summary: Mrs P complained that after she asked a care home to call a GP to see her mother Mrs D, a GP did not visit and Mrs D died prematurely as a result. The Ombudsmen find that the care home failed to monitor Mrs D's condition and seek medical attention as it should have done. The GP practice failed to respond properly to contacts from the care home about Mrs D. The Ombudsmen cannot say what impact this had on Mrs D, but the distress and uncertainty caused by this are an injustice to Mrs P. They recommend action to put this right.

  • Grove Medical Centre (17 013 455)

    Statement Not upheld General Practice 09-May-2019

    Summary: The Ombudsmen has not found fault by a Council, an NHS Trust or a CCG with their assessment and/or consideration of continuing healthcare funding. The Ombudsmen found fault by a GP Practice in not considering fast-tracking a continuing healthcare assessment. The Practice has already accepted the fault and taken action to learn from the complaint. A retrospective continuing healthcare review which the CCG has agreed to will remedy any potential financial injustice.

  • West Gorton Medical Centre (17 015 792)

    Statement Not upheld General Practice 16-Apr-2019

    Summary: Miss A complained about a Practice, Trust and Council in relation to a mental health referral. The Ombudsmen do not uphold the complaint as they have not found fault by the bodies complained about.

  • Kincora Doctors Surgery (17 003 012)

    Statement Not upheld General Practice 28-Mar-2019

    Summary: Mr B complains on behalf of his late great grandmother, Mrs C. He is unhappy with the care provided to her by a number of organisations which he says led to physical discomfort for her and distress for her family. There were some failings by the Council which it should apologise for and provide Mr B with details of how it will ensure these failings do not happen again. There were no failings by the other organisations involved in Mr B's complaint.

  • Ramsey Health Centre (17 010 364)

    Statement Not upheld General Practice 21-Mar-2019

    Summary: Dr A complains about the care and treatment of his mother, Mrs B, in a Bupa Care Home and while under the care of a GP Practice. The Ombudsmen uphold part of the complaint against the Home for nutrition and falls risk assessment but not against the Practice.

  • Lostwithiel Medical Practice (17 007 723)

    Statement Not upheld General Practice 19-Feb-2019

    Summary: I consider Cornwall Council (the Council) was at fault when it sent contradictory information to Mr X saying it would not issue an education, health and care (EHC) plan for Miss Y, and then saying it would issue one. Due to Miss Y's age, Mr X has lost the opportunity to appeal the Council's decision. Cornwall Partnership NHS Foundation Trust (the Trust) delayed carrying out blood tests and an ECG. This caused uncertainty to Mr X. Also, the Trust used the wrong sized feeding tube for Miss Y. This caused pain to Miss Y and distress to Mr X. Smile Together Dental CIC (the Dental Service) did not provide Miss Y with an appointment since September 2016. This caused frustration to Mr X. Also, the Council and Kernow Clinical Commissioning Group (the CCG) delayed providing responses to Mr X's complaints, and did not keep him updated during the complaint handling process. This compounded the distress he had already suffered. The Ombudsmen made recommendations to remedy the injustices.

  • Dr C E Atkin (17 014 697)

    Statement Not upheld General Practice 07-Feb-2019

    Summary: The Ombudsmen do not consider Dr C E Atkin (the GP) missed an opportunity to refer Mr B to hospital with suspected pneumonia. Alpine Lodge Nursing Home (the Home) did not provide Mr B with appropriate fluids between January and June 2017. It also did not complete a robust assessment of his hydration needs on admission in October 2016. This caused Mr B to suffer chronic dehydration, and the family suffered distress at witnessing that.