Recent statements in this category are shown below:

  • Rossendale Borough Council (19 005 685)

    Statement Upheld Other 24-Feb-2020

    Summary: Ms B complains about the behaviour of a pest control officer acting on behalf of the Council. She also complains about the Council's handling of her insurance claim and her complaint. The Ombudsman finds avoidable delay by the Council and its insurer in dealing with Ms B's claim. The Council has agreed to apologise to Ms B, pay her £300 in recognition of the frustration and time and trouble she was put to and pass her claim to its insurer who will issue a decision on liability within three months.

  • Torridge District Council (19 007 225)

    Statement Upheld Other 07-Feb-2020

    Summary: Miss X complained about the Council's advice when she tried to make a nuisance complaint. There was some fault in the Council's initial advice, but this did not cause a significant injustice. I have found no fault in the Council's subsequent advice or investigation.

  • Leicester City Council (19 007 656)

    Statement Upheld Other 06-Feb-2020

    Summary: Mr B complains the Council has not taken enforcement action against his neighbour who altered a culvert without permission. Mr B says the alteration changed the flow of the watercourse and increased the flood risk to Mr B's property. The Ombudsman has found fault with the Council which caused Mr B injustice. The Council has agreed to take action to remedy this injustice.

  • Royal Borough of Greenwich (19 006 337)

    Statement Upheld Other 30-Jan-2020

    Summary: Ms X complains about the action the Council has taken to prevent odours from a restaurant entering her flat and how the Council handled her complaint about this. Ms X says the odours cause her property to smell. From the evidence seen, the Ombudsman finds fault with the Council and has made recommendations to remedy the injustice caused.

  • Royal Borough of Kingston upon Thames (19 006 228)

    Statement Upheld Other 28-Jan-2020

    Summary: There is no evidence of fault with how the Council responded, after it received a report that Ms C's garden was attracting foxes. However, the Council was at fault in how it dealt with her complaint. It has offered her a suitable remedy to reflect the time and trouble she went to because of this fault.

  • Cheshire East Council (18 012 603)

    Statement Not upheld Other 24-Jan-2020

    Summary: Mrs X complained about odour and noise from extractor fans at a fish and chip shop behind her home. The Council was not at fault for the way it investigated the potential nuisance.

  • South Hams District Council (18 009 146)

    Statement Not upheld Other 23-Jan-2020

    Summary: Ms C complains the Council has failed to respond properly to her reports of an abandoned van and take appropriate action. Ms C says the van presents a potential safety issue, is unsightly and encourages fly tipping. The Ombudsman has found no evidence of fault by the Council.

  • Rugby Borough Council (19 007 900)

    Statement Not upheld Other 17-Dec-2019

    Summary: Mr and Mrs B complained about the Council's decision to stop cutting the grass on the open space in front of their home. The Ombudsman finds the Council was not at fault and Mr and Mrs B have not suffered a significant personal injustice.

  • Halton Borough Council (18 019 599)

    Statement Not upheld Other 12-Dec-2019

    Summary: the complainant says the Council failed to properly consider all material planning considerations when granting planning permission for a development near her home. This has caused noise and odour nuisance. The Council says it considered all material planning considerations including objections from the complainant and other residents when deciding to grant the application. The Ombudsman finds the Council acted without fault when deciding to grant the planning permission.

  • London Borough of Enfield (18 011 607)

    Statement Upheld Other 10-Dec-2019

    Summary: There was fault in how the Council responded to Ms D's complaint about fly-tipping in the street close to her property. The Council has agreed to make a payment to remedy the time and trouble she went to pursuing her complaint.