Recent statements in this category are shown below:

  • Blackburn with Darwen Council (17 007 236)

    Statement Not upheld Drainage 03-Nov-2017

    Summary: Mr X complains the Council is responsible for flooding to his property and he is unhappy it delayed in responding to his request for evidence. The Ombudsman did not investigate the Council's liability for flooding because Mr X can take this matter to court. The Ombudsman finds no evidence of fault in how the Council dealt with Mr X's request for evidence.

  • Liverpool City Council (17 010 025)

    Statement Closed after initial enquiries Drainage 27-Oct-2017

    Summary: The Ombudsman will not investigate this complaint about inspections carried out by the Council under the Building Regulations. It is unlikely we will find fault in the Council's actions and we could not achieve any worthwhile outcome by starting an investigation. We will not consider a complaint about failures in the Council's complaints procedure alone. And the Information Commissioner's Officer is the suitable body to consider complaints about requests for information and data protection.

  • Sunderland City Council (16 019 515)

    Statement Upheld Drainage 23-Oct-2017

    Summary: The Council was at fault for a lack of consultation and not keeping a record of a survey when it cleared an area of woodland next to the complainants' home to install a soak-away. It was further at fault for delay in replying to their complaint. The Council has recognised these faults and will remedy the complaint by undertaking a series of actions set out at the end of this decision statement.

  • Ainsty (2008) Internal Drainage Board (16 009 867)

    Statement Not upheld Drainage 12-Oct-2017

    Summary: The Ombudsman cannot achieve the outcome Mr Y seeks because an independent surveyor concluded that more than one authority could be liable for the injustice Mr Y claims.

  • Pendle Borough Council (16 014 575)

    Statement Not upheld Drainage 22-Sep-2017

    Summary: There was no fault in the way the Council responded to concerns raised about water flowing onto a back street behind Mr X's property.

  • Dorset County Council (17 007 416)

    Statement Closed after initial enquiries Drainage 14-Sep-2017

    Summary: The Ombudsman will not investigate Ms B's complaint about the Council's failure to take enforcement action. There is no evidence of administrative fault in the way the Council reached its decision.

  • Barnsley Metropolitan Borough Council (17 007 224)

    Statement Closed after initial enquiries Drainage 12-Sep-2017

    Summary: Mr X complained about the Council's failure over several years to address flooding from a highway culvert near his home. The Ombudsman will not exercise his discretion to investigate this complaint which was made outside the 12 month limit for complaints. The Council has programmed work for the culvert but Mr X has his own responsibilities for limiting the flooding on his land.

  • Shropshire Council (17 006 517)

    Statement Closed after initial enquiries Drainage 21-Aug-2017

    Summary: Mr and Mrs X complained about the Council giving misleading advice about the benefits of a flood alleviation scheme on their land. They say the works have not protected their home and have devalued their land. The Ombudsman will not investigate this complaint. The claim of misrepresentation is a private legal matter which may only be decided by the courts.

  • City Of Bradford Metropolitan District Council (16 014 284)

    Statement Closed after initial enquiries Drainage 18-Aug-2017

    Summary: The Ombudsman will not investigate Ms X's complaint that the Council failed to take action throughout 2016 which lead to her property flooding in December. It is unlikely we can add to the Council's investigation.

  • Birmingham City Council (16 015 379)

    Statement Not upheld Drainage 14-Aug-2017

    Summary: I have stopped investigating this drainage complaint as the alleged fault has not caused an injustice.