Cemeteries and crematoria

Recent statements in this category are shown below:

  • Kirklees Metropolitan Borough Council (18 014 651)

    Statement Upheld Cemeteries and crematoria 17-Jul-2019

    Summary: Miss Y complains the Council wrongly laid down the gravestone of her grandparents. The Ombudsman finds the Council did not act in accordance with its own procedures or government guidance when inspecting the memorial and has no records to show how and why it laid down the gravestone. The Council has agreed to apologise and arrange for the headstone to be reinstated. The Council will also contact others similarly affected by the faulty inspections.

  • Daventry District Council (18 007 525)

    Statement Not upheld Cemeteries and crematoria 15-May-2019

    Summary: Mrs X complained the Council encroached on her son's grave when digging an adjacent grave and did not respond sensitively to her complaint about this. The Council was not at fault.

  • Waveney District Council (18 017 149)

    Statement Upheld Cemeteries and crematoria 03-May-2019

    Summary: Mrs X complained about a Service Provider, working on behalf of the Council. She said it took a year for it to action her request for a commemorative plaque following the death of her Aunt. The Service Provider failed to respond to Mrs X's request in a timely manner. This caused Mrs X avoidable distress as well as significant time and trouble. The Council has agreed to remedy the injustice caused by the Service Provider's actions.

  • London Borough of Enfield (17 012 959)

    Statement Upheld Cemeteries and crematoria 09-Apr-2019

    Summary: Mr X complained about changes the Council made to its requirements of memorial masons, which seemed disproportionate and unnecessary. The Council was at fault as it did not clearly or consistently communicate its requirements to Mr X. This caused him distress and frustration. The Council also delayed responding to
    Mr X's complaint, and this meant he went to additional time and trouble. The Council has agreed to apologise and pay Mr X £200. It has agreed to update its permit application form and communicate its requirements clearly to other masons in its area.

  • Walsall Metropolitan Borough Council (18 008 922)

    Statement Upheld Cemeteries and crematoria 08-Feb-2019

    Summary: The Ombudsman found fault on Mr G's complaint about the Council failing to tell him before 2017 that a transfer form he and his siblings signed in 1998 for his father's grave rights to pass to him was invalid. The form he signed failed to give proper information about who had to sign it. It was not at fault for accepting the statutory declaration his mother signed transferring the rights to his sister. The agreed action, an apology and £300 for his distress, remedies the injustice caused.

  • Harrogate Borough Council (17 017 591)

    Statement Upheld Cemeteries and crematoria 29-Nov-2018

    Summary: Mr and Mrs X complain about the Council's handling of their complaint about administrative errors regarding their child, Y's grave. The Council is at fault. Its errors in a burial register left Mr and Mrs X uncertain about which grave Y was buried in. The Council's handling of their complaint meant it took too long to take appropriate action to resolve uncertainty about the location of Y's grave. This caused Mr and Mrs X further avoidable uncertainty and distress. The Council agreed to pay Mr and Mrs X £400 in recognition of the uncertainty and distress caused.

  • London Borough of Hillingdon (18 007 325)

    Statement Not upheld Cemeteries and crematoria 21-Nov-2018

    Summary: Mr X complained the Council failed to maintain the memorial garden to a satisfactory standard and that a gardener did not move away when the family visited a memorial. The Council has taken action to address the weeds and advised Mr X of how to request solitude when visiting a memorial. There is insufficient outstanding injustice to Mr X to warrant further investigation of the complaint and it is unlikely further investigation would lead to a different outcome.

  • Doncaster Metropolitan Borough Council (18 006 139)

    Statement Not upheld Cemeteries and crematoria 25-Oct-2018

    Summary: Mr X complained about the impact of grass cutting at a cemetery on his family's plot which he maintains to a high standard. The Council has put procedures in place to reduce the impact on Mr X's plot and is not at fault.

  • Birmingham City Council (17 012 168)

    Statement Upheld Cemeteries and crematoria 13-Apr-2018

    Summary: Miss B complains on behalf of her family about the circumstances surrounding the burial of her father-in-law, Mr X. Mr X was buried in the wrong plot and had to be exhumed and buried in the correct plot. The Council has accepted it was at fault. There was fault by the Council when Mr X was interred in the wrong plot. The Council has apologised and met all the associated costs. To recognise the distress to the family the Council will pay them £1500.

  • Kingston upon Hull City Council (17 011 387)

    Statement Not upheld Cemeteries and crematoria 09-Mar-2018

    Summary: Mrs C complains about the Council's refusal to hold an independent inquiry into cremation practices; the adequacy of its own investigation; the delay in publishing its findings; the timing and method of publication and not properly engaging with and supporting affected parents. The Ombudsman will not investigate these matters further. This is because the Ombudsman cannot investigate the decision not to hold an independent inquiry as this has been considered by a Government Minister and further investigation on the remining issues will not achieve a worthwhile outcome for Mrs C.