Antisocial behaviour

Recent statements in this category are shown below:

  • Epsom & Ewell Borough Council (18 009 628)

    Statement Upheld Antisocial behaviour 14-Jan-2019

    Summary: Mrs A complains the Council has failed to take enforcement action against a neighbour who is causing a vermin infestation. She also says the Council failed to reply to her formal complaint. The Ombudsman has found evidence of fault in the Council's complaint handling. He has upheld the complaint, because of that one fault, and completed the investigation because there is no outstanding injustice to Mrs A.

  • Sheffield City Council (18 006 299)

    Statement Not upheld Antisocial behaviour 20-Dec-2018

    Summary: The Council decided a 'high hedge' complaint was invalid, in accordance with government guidance. It made a site visit, took measurements, and considered the complainants comments. There was no fault in how it reached its decision.

  • Durham County Council (18 010 485)

    Statement Not upheld Antisocial behaviour 19-Dec-2018

    Summary: Mr X complained the Council's neighbourhood wardens harassed him following a false allegation of dog fouling. The Council is not at fault. Mr X also complained the Council destroyed photographic evidence proving the allegation after he made a freedom of information request. I will not investigate Mr X's complaint into the destruction of photographic evidence. This is because the Information Commissioner's Office is best placed to investigate complaints into data breaches.

  • Bath and North East Somerset Council (17 013 384)

    Statement Upheld Antisocial behaviour 03-Dec-2018

    Summary: The Council failed to take effective and timely action to deal with statutory nuisances and anti-social behaviour. It failed to provide information and support to the victim. Because of this the victim and her family had their quality of life and residential amenity ruined for 21 months longer than necessary. The Council has agreed a remedy to put this right.

  • Southampton City Council (18 007 369)

    Statement Not upheld Antisocial behaviour 28-Nov-2018

    Summary: Mr X and his neighbours complain about the way the Council investigated their reports of antisocial behaviour in a cemetery next to their homes. He says it failed to resolve their complaints about this matter and they have suffered, and continue to suffer from the antisocial behaviour on a daily basis, at all hours of the day. The Ombudsman cannot reach a conclusion on this complaint based on the limited documentary evidence available, therefore we cannot find the Council was at fault.

  • Wolverhampton City Council (18 000 544)

    Statement Not upheld Antisocial behaviour 26-Nov-2018

    Summary: There is no fault in the Council's investigation of an anti social behaviour complaint against a neighbour. The Council has proposed mediation and to pay the partial costs of a fence to prevent access to a private driveway. The Council's management of its rental housing, including tenancy breaches and position of paths/rights of way is outside the Ombudsman's jurisdiction.

  • Brighton & Hove City Council (18 008 352)

    Statement Upheld Antisocial behaviour 05-Nov-2018

    Summary: The Council identified fault during its investigation of this complaint, apologised and provided a satisfactory remedy. This complaint is upheld. No further investigation or remedy is needed in addition to the Council's investigation into problems with its noise patrol service.

  • Brighton & Hove City Council (18 001 433)

    Statement Upheld Antisocial behaviour 15-Oct-2018

    Summary: The Ombudsman does not find fault with the Council's handling of reports made to it about anti-social behaviour. However, there was fault in the delay during the Council's complaints process, for which it has apologised.

  • Central Bedfordshire Council (17 019 033)

    Statement Upheld Antisocial behaviour 09-Oct-2018

    Summary: Mr C complains the Council failed to investigate properly and take effective action in response to his reports of noise nuisance from his neighbour. Mr C says he suffered unacceptable levels of noise and disturbance for longer than necessary at a cost to his health and enjoyment of his property. The Ombudsman has found fault by the Council but is satisfied the actions it has taken of an apology and service improvements are enough to provide a suitable remedy.

  • Durham County Council (18 000 904)

    Statement Not upheld Antisocial behaviour 08-Oct-2018

    Summary: Mrs X says the Council is at fault in its handling of her reports of antisocial behaviour and its decision not to arrange an independent investigation of her concerns. The Ombudsman has found no evidence of fault by the Council in the matters he has investigated and for this reason he has ended his investigation of this complaint.