Antisocial behaviour

Recent statements in this category are shown below:

  • Mansfield District Council (18 013 966)

    Statement Upheld Antisocial behaviour 26-Apr-2019

    Summary: The Council properly investigated concerns of anti-social behaviour. The Council failed to properly consider a complaint about its service; it will apologise.

  • Blackburn with Darwen Council (17 011 434)

    Statement Not upheld Antisocial behaviour 17-Apr-2019

    Summary: Mr X complains the Council has not prevented damage from water draining from a caravan into his garden. He says this has caused damage and distress. The Council has responded to Mr X's reports of problems without fault. He can continue to alert the Council of problems. It can keep under review whether the reports, taken together, constitute evidence of a statutory nuisance.

  • London Borough of Merton (18 011 224)

    Statement Upheld Antisocial behaviour 12-Apr-2019

    Summary: Mr X complains about the way the Council handled his reports of anti-social behaviour. He says his neighbour's workmen have trespassed on his property, caused damage to his property, verbally harassed him and endangered life by allowing debris to fall into his garden. The Council is at fault for not talking to the person who witnessed the verbal abuse before Mr X made a formal complaint. It has now done so and has apologised for failing to do it sooner. There is no fault in the way it reached its decision there was no further action it could take.

  • London Borough of Croydon (18 013 713)

    Statement Not upheld Antisocial behaviour 12-Apr-2019

    Summary: Mr X complained the Council failed to properly investigate his complaints of noise nuisance from a neighbouring property. As Mr X last complained to the Council about the noise in 2016, the Council has proposed carrying out a new investigation of Mr X's noise complaints. I have discontinued my investigation as this is an appropriate way to resolve the complaint and it is unlikely the Ombudsman could achieve anything more for Mr X by investigating further.

  • Oldham Metropolitan Borough Council (18 012 112)

    Statement Not upheld Antisocial behaviour 11-Apr-2019

    Summary: Mr and Mrs B complain about the Council's lack of action in reinstating a fence which borders a communal path. The Ombudsman has not found evidence of fault.

  • Basildon Borough Council (18 010 483)

    Statement Not upheld Antisocial behaviour 09-Apr-2019

    Summary: Ms X complained the Council failed to take any action after she reported a hate crime which she witnessed inside a train station. Based on the information I have seen so far the Council considered Ms X's report of the hate crime in line with its policies and decided the police or train station management were better placed to deal with it. The Council tried to email Ms X to update her, however it had a wrong email address and no other means of contacting her. The Council was not at fault

  • Corby Borough Council (18 008 209)

    Statement Upheld Antisocial behaviour 04-Apr-2019

    Summary: Mrs Z complained on behalf of her son, Mr B, about the way the Council dealt with allegations of antisocial behaviour against him from a neighbour. Mr B received a notice to leave his property as a result of the action taken. The Council has agreed to pay him £500 and improve its procedures.

  • Leicester City Council (18 002 140)

    Statement Upheld Antisocial behaviour 01-Apr-2019

    Summary: Miss X complained the Council failed to properly investigate her reports of noise against her next door neighbour, Ms Y. The Council was at fault. It failed to properly investigate Miss X's reports of noise made outside of its monitoring service hours. Its enforcement policy and lengthy waiting list for a noise recorder meant it could not take further enforcement action against Ms Y. That caused Miss X the frustration of repeatedly reporting the noise to the Council and the uncertainty of not knowing how it was progressing her complaint. The Council agreed to apologise to Miss X and pay her £150 to recognise the time and trouble she had pursuing her complaint. The Council also agreed to review its policy on enforcement and how it investigates noise reports made outside of its monitoring service hours.

  • London Borough of Newham (17 019 265)

    Statement Not upheld Antisocial behaviour 26-Mar-2019

    Summary: Miss C complains the Council has failed to resolve nuisance caused by noise from a flat above her own. We do not uphold this complaint finding no fault in the Council's investigation of the noise.

  • Luton Borough Council (17 006 653)

    Statement Not upheld Antisocial behaviour 18-Mar-2019

    Summary: The Council's responses to Miss X's reports of a stalker near her home did not involve fault. The Council did not promise to use CCTV to gather evidence about the stalker. Officers' attempts to prevent residents blocking pavements with wheeled bins has not removed the problem. But the Council took timely and proportionate actions which did not involve fault. It is not fault those actions did not solve the problem.