School transport

Recent statements in this category are shown below:

  • Essex County Council (19 013 464)

    Statement Upheld School transport 22-Jun-2020

    Summary: Miss B complains about the Council's decision not to provide her daughter, C, with school transport. Miss B says she had to take C out of school because she could not afford to pay for her to get to school. Following the Ombudsman's enquiries, the Council recognised it had made errors and proposed to take action to remedy any injustice caused to Miss B and her daughter. The Council completed these actions during the investigation. The Ombudsman is satisfied these actions remedied any injustice caused.

  • Kent County Council (19 009 689)

    Statement Not upheld School transport 17-Jun-2020

    Summary: Mr B complains that the Council was wrong to refuse his younger son, D, transport to and from the grammar school that he attends. There was no fault in the way that the Council refused transport for D or Mr B's subsequent appeal.

  • Warrington Council (19 011 636)

    Statement Upheld School transport 11-Jun-2020

    Summary: Miss L complained about the Council's decision to refuse her request for transport to school for her son, M, who has an Education, Health and Care Plan naming the school. There is evidence of fault and the Council has agreed to reimburse her mileage, pay for M's lost education provision and to make a payment to acknowledge her time and trouble.

  • Manchester City Council (19 012 069)

    Statement Not upheld School transport 09-Jun-2020

    Summary: There was no fault by the Council in the way it considered Ms X's application for free home to school transport. The complaint is not upheld.

  • Warrington Council (19 010 915)

    Statement Upheld School transport 08-Jun-2020

    Summary: Ms B complains about the way the Council considered her application for post-16 home to school transport for her son who has special educational needs. The Ombudsman finds the Council was at fault because Ms B was not given the opportunity to present her case at the panel hearing and it applied the wrong test in deciding her application and appeal. To remedy the injustice caused, the Council has agreed to apologise to Ms B, pay her £400 and review its home to school transport policy.

  • Suffolk County Council (19 014 261)

    Statement Upheld School transport 01-Jun-2020

    Summary: Mr B complains about the way the Council handled his appeal against its decision to refuse his application for free school transport. There was fault by the Council and it should apologise to Mr B.

  • London Borough of Redbridge (18 018 254)

    Statement Upheld School transport 26-May-2020

    Summary: Mr and Mrs B complained the Council did not support them when they had to move to a new borough after evacuating their home. They complained the Council did not provided their children with school transport, carry out welfare checks or give them information about grants they could access. They also complained the Council did not provide school places or transport when they returned to the borough. The Ombudsman has found fault with the Council. The Council remedied any injustice before the complaint was brought to the Ombudsman.

  • Cambridgeshire County Council (19 009 586)

    Statement Not upheld School transport 25-Mar-2020

    Summary: The Ombudsman does not find fault with the way the Council considered Miss B's application and appeal for transport assistance for her daughter.

  • Wokingham Borough Council (19 010 009)

    Statement Upheld School transport 23-Mar-2020

    Summary: Mr B complains the Council did not award school transport help for his daughter. Mr B says he lives over the statutory walking distance away from the school. He says the Council uses two different mapping systems, which produce two different distances. The Ombudsman finds fault in how the Council considered Mr B's appeal. We also find fault in the information the Council provides about how it measures distance.

  • Hartlepool Borough Council (19 012 283)

    Statement Upheld School transport 20-Mar-2020

    Summary: Mrs X complained the Council ended the school bus provision to her children's school without consultation. The Council failed to inform parents of the changes, but this did not affect its decision to end the transport. It has agreed to apologise to Mrs X for the frustration this caused and to amend its procedures to ensure in future parents are consulted in a timely manner.