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  • Kent County Council (18 014 181)

    Statement Upheld Other 10-May-2019

    Summary: Miss X complained the Council failed to properly compensate her after her belongings became water damaged. There is no fault in how the Council calculated the amount of compensation it offered. The Council is at fault for the damage caused to Miss X's belongings. It should pay her £150 to recognise the distress this caused.

  • North Yorkshire County Council (18 010 256)

    Statement Upheld Other 03-May-2019

    Summary: Mrs X complains the Council has not provided support for her son's needs. The Council is at fault for not considering the complaint at stage 3 of the children's statutory process. It has properly considered her son's needs so we cannot criticise its decision that he does not meet the criteria for its disabled children's service.

  • North East Lincolnshire Council (17 014 253)

    Statement Not upheld Other 29-Apr-2019

    Summary: The Ombudsmen do not consider Northern Lincolnshire & Goole NHS Foundation Trust's (the Trust) decision to remove M from the watchful wait list in January 2017 was fault. However, the Trust should have told Miss L it removed M from the watchful wait list in July 2016, before it later reinstated him. The Ombudsmen do not consider the Trust unnecessary delayed sending M for an autism assessment. Also, Lincolnshire Partnership NHS Foundation Trust's autism assessment of M was in line with the relevant guidelines.

  • Dorset County Council (18 013 894)

    Statement Upheld Other 24-Apr-2019

    Summary: There was no fault by the Council in the wording of a social worker's assessment, although its complaint response was confusing. There was fault causing minor injustice in its failure to respond to a solicitor's letter. There was no fault in not disclosing developments in child protection matters direct to a grandparent, but it may have been better if the Council had. The Ombudsman does not consider there is any further action for the Council to take and has completed his investigation.

  • Sefton Metropolitan Borough Council (18 004 339)

    Statement Upheld Other 09-Apr-2019

    Summary: Mrs F complains the Council placed her children on a child in need plan without her agreement and wrongly reported the family missing. The Ombudsman has found some fault. The Council has agreed to apologise.

  • London Borough of Hillingdon (18 009 094)

    Statement Upheld Other 01-Apr-2019

    Summary: Mr X complains the Council refused to consider his complaints about the way it handled a case involving his children at stage 3 of the children's statutory complaints process. The Council was at fault for not agreeing to the stage 3 panel. It should review its processes to avoid a reoccurrence of this fault.

  • Derbyshire County Council (18 011 812)

    Statement Upheld Other 28-Mar-2019

    Summary: Mr C says the Council was at fault for failing to tell him of an incident which posed risk to his children and to involve him in the investigation of that incident. Mr C says the errors cost him money on legal fees. The Council apologised for the errors after an investigation but the court proceedings were not related to the incident.

  • London Borough of Wandsworth (18 010 245)

    Statement Not upheld Other 21-Mar-2019

    Summary: Mx B complains the Council should not have placed their child on a child protection plan ("CPP"). Mx B says the Council did not tell them it was considering a CPP or involve them in the procedure. The Ombudsman does not find fault in how the Council managed this child protection procedure.

  • Leeds City Council (18 006 945)

    Statement Not upheld Other 21-Mar-2019

    Summary: Mr B complains about the Council in its role as legal guardian for his son. Mr B says the Council has not shown regard to his son's culture and religious heritage. He says the Council has not involved him in decisions about his son's care or communicated with him properly. The Ombudsman does not find fault in the Council's actions.

  • London Borough of Barnet (18 008 118)

    Statement Upheld Other 15-Mar-2019

    Summary: The complaint concerns accommodation the Council provided for Ms B and her family. We found fault with the Council's consideration of the accommodation's distance from Barnet and with the Council's handling of some problems at the accommodation. The faults caused uncertainty and a sense of missed opportunity and some inconvenient living conditions. The Council agreed our recommendations to put matters right, including apologising, paying Ms B £644 and reviewing what happened. We did not uphold other parts of the complaint.