Recent statements in this category are shown below:

  • Nottinghamshire County Council (19 016 569)

    Statement Upheld Other 22-Jun-2020

    Summary: The Council failed to follow the statutory process for dealing with complaints by children about social care when Miss X complained it failed to deal properly with an allegation that a teacher caused her son physical harm. The Council will arrange a second stage investigation under the statutory procedure for children's complaints about social care.

  • Somerset County Council (19 005 152)

    Statement Upheld Other 22-Jun-2020

    Summary: Miss X complains the Council has not calculated her special guardianship allowance correctly. The Ombudsman has not found fault in the way the Council calculated the allowance. There was fault in how the Council handled Miss X's complaint, but this did not cause her significant injustice.

  • Staffordshire County Council (19 017 310)

    Statement Upheld Other 18-Jun-2020

    Summary: Mr B complained that the Council took away overnight respite provision for his daughter C without good reason. Following a SEND Tribunal, the Council reinstated the provision. We find the Council at fault for removing the provision. The Council has agreed to pay Mr B £1600 to recognise the injustice caused.

  • Gloucestershire County Council (19 004 996)

    Statement Not upheld Other 11-Jun-2020

    Summary: Ms C says the Council was at fault for the way in which it conducted an investigation into a referral that her daughter, X, might be at risk of harm. She says the investigation caused X distress. The Council was not at fault. Having received a referral, the Council had no choice but to investigate. It carried out a proportionate investigation before finding X was not at risk.

  • Bolton Metropolitan Borough Council (18 014 678)

    Statement Not upheld Other 09-Jun-2020

    Summary: Mrs X complains that the Council failed to undertake an Education, Health and Care needs assessment for her son, did not investigate a safeguarding allegation she made against his school, and failed to provide alternative education for her son while he was out of school. She says this impacted on her son's mental health, caused inconvenience, and cost her time and trouble. The Ombudsman does not find the Council at fault.

  • Hampshire County Council (19 006 462)

    Statement Not upheld Other 05-May-2020

    Summary: Mrs B says the Council failed to properly assess her son when deciding he did not qualify for services from the disabled children's team. There is no fault in the Council's consideration of Mrs B's son's needs.

  • Walsall Metropolitan Borough Council (19 015 033)

    Statement Not upheld Other 04-May-2020

    Summary: Mr X complained about the actions of the Council's children's services department. He is seeking substantial compensation. I have discontinued my investigation because I cannot achieve the outcome Mr X wants.

  • Middlesbrough Borough Council (19 011 462)

    Statement Not upheld Other 24-Mar-2020

    Summary: Mr X complained the Council did not comply with a court order about contact with his son, care planning meetings and expert recommendations. I have discontinued my investigation because the matter is due to go back before the Court. Mr X's complaint can be re-opened if he remains unhappy once the outcome is known.

  • Suffolk County Council (19 007 878)

    Statement Upheld Other 18-Mar-2020

    Summary: The complainant is concerned about the Council's child protection actions in respect of her child. The Council has considered the complaint under the Children Act 1989 statutory complaint process. The Council has upheld some complaints and offered appropriate apologies and procedural changes. The Ombudsman does not consider that there are any outstanding complaints for him to consider. But he is concerned about the length of time taken to deal with the complaint. However, the Council has agreed the recommended action to remedy the avoidable distress caused to the complainant by this delay.

  • Devon County Council (19 005 952)

    Statement Upheld Other 09-Mar-2020

    Summary: Miss B complains that the Council has not properly dealt with child protection proceedings for her family because it has not implemented recommendations from her complaint and has not provided sufficient support. The Council was at fault because it did not provide sufficient support in the earlier stages of her case. The Council has apologised to Miss B, re-engaged with her family and has re-considered the necessary level of support for the family. The Council has agreed to pay Miss B £1000 in respect of the distress she and her family have suffered and pay Miss B £500 in respect of the risk of harm they were exposed to by the failure of services.