Recent statements in this category are shown below:

  • Birmingham City Council (16 014 458)

    Statement Upheld Fostering 22-Nov-2017

    Summary: The Council was at fault for how it investigated allegations about the complainant's practice as a foster carer. This added unnecessarily to her distress arising from the investigation. The Council has agreed to apologise and pay the complainant £500 in recognition of her injustice.

  • Northumberland Council (17 010 122)

    Statement Upheld Fostering 17-Nov-2017

    Summary: We will not investigate Mrs P's complaint about family and friends payments for homing a young person. The Council agreed to pay the outstanding amount.

  • Royal Borough of Greenwich (16 011 244)

    Statement Closed after initial enquiries Fostering 13-Nov-2017

    Summary: We cannot investigate Mrs X's complaint because she used judicial review proceedings to seek a redress for the same events she complains to us about.

  • Surrey County Council (16 013 208)

    Statement Upheld Fostering 07-Nov-2017

    Summary: The Council acted within safeguarding guidelines when it removed foster children from their carers at short notice. However, it did not follow the correct procedures to then assess the children and the carers to decide the future of their placement. The Council also wrongly refused to consider complaints about these matters under the statutory Children Act complaints process.

  • Cumbria County Council (16 018 830)

    Statement Upheld Fostering 18-Oct-2017

    Summary: The Council acted with fault when managing the end of a fostering placement leading to avoidable distress and inconvenience.

  • London Borough of Sutton (17 009 144)

    Statement Closed after initial enquiries Fostering 06-Oct-2017

    Summary: The Ombudsman will not investigate Mr D's complaint as he is an agency foster carer and the agency is better placed to consider his concerns.

  • Oxfordshire County Council (17 008 210)

    Statement Closed after initial enquiries Fostering 21-Sep-2017

    Summary: The Ombudsman will not investigate Miss A and Mr B's complaint because it relates to a social worker's actions in producing an assessment requested by the court.

  • St Helens Metropolitan Borough Council (17 001 937)

    Statement Closed after initial enquiries Fostering 23-Aug-2017

    Summary: Mr and Mrs X say they were treated unfairly by the Council and so felt compelled to resign from their position as foster carers in February 2015. No further action is needed to investigate this complaint as it is out of time.

  • Hampshire County Council (16 015 119)

    Statement Upheld Fostering 05-Jul-2017

    Summary: The Council is at fault as it has taken more than a year to deal with Mr B's complaint under the statutory children's social care procedure, but has still not started a second stage investigation. It will now do so immediately.

  • Northamptonshire County Council (14 012 306)

    Statement Upheld Fostering 04-Jul-2017

    Summary: There were significant failings by the Council in the way the Council dealt with the removal of children from a foster carer, and matters arising from that. These failings caused the foster carer, Mrs B, avoidable distress, frustration and time and trouble. As well as a programme of service improvements, the Council has already offered Mrs B an apology and a payment. I have identified further fault causing avoidable injustice needing additional remedy.