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  • Kent County Council (19 005 075)

    Statement Not upheld Adoption 17-Feb-2020

    Summary: Mr X and Ms Y complained the Council did not provide appropriate support when two children were placed with them on an adoption placement. They said the lack of support led to the failure of the placement. They also said the Council's complaint investigation was flawed. There was no fault in how the Council considered their complaint under the children's statutory complaints procedure. As it appropriately considered the complaint, the Ombudsman will not re-investigate.

  • Wolverhampton City Council (19 008 563)

    Statement Upheld Adoption 12-Feb-2020

    Summary: Mr and Mrs C complained about delays and poor communication by the Council during the adoption of their second child, D. The Council accepts it was at fault and has offered to pay Mr and Mrs C £500.

  • Lancashire County Council (19 005 959)

    Statement Upheld Adoption 19-Dec-2019

    Summary: Mrs X complains the Council failed to stop her foster allowance and delayed in dealing with her complaint about this. Mrs X says this caused her injustice as she now has a large debt with the Council. The Ombudsman finds fault with the Council in how it managed the overpayment and how it responded to Mrs X's complaint. The Council has agreed to apologise to Mrs X, write off half of the overpayment and pay Mrs X for the distress caused.

  • Nottinghamshire County Council (18 016 699)

    Statement Not upheld Adoption 13-Nov-2019

    Summary: Mrs X complains about the Council's refusal to accept her and her husband to stage 2 of the process to become adoptive parents, causing distress. The Ombudsman finds no fault in the Council's decision making process.

  • London Borough of Hounslow (17 018 529)

    Statement Upheld Adoption 13-Nov-2019

    Summary: Mrs Z complains about the Council's handling of the payment of the adoption allowance for her two children. She also complains about contact with their sibling and a savings account. There was fault by the Council in requesting copies of paperwork for the savings account, in reducing the adoption allowance without notice, in its calculation of the adoption allowance, in facilitating contact with one of the siblings and in its complaint handling. The Council will apologise where it hasn't already and will review its procedures.

  • Wolverhampton City Council (19 000 899)

    Statement Upheld Adoption 15-Oct-2019

    Summary: Ms X complains the Council has failed to fully implement the recommendations made by the stage three review panel. The Council's failure to review and amend its Adoption Support Policy in line with the review panel's recommendations and the Council's own assurances amounts to fault.

  • Liverpool City Council (18 006 427)

    Statement Upheld Adoption 02-Aug-2019

    Summary: Mr B and Mr C complain about a lack of support after the Council placed children with them for adoption. The Council was at fault, including for delaying arranging therapy for the children and for not sharing information properly. Those faults caused the family unnecessary practical difficulties, upset and uncertainty. The Council has agreed our recommendations, including an apology, payments to the family, providing any outstanding adoption support and changing procedures and staff training as necessary.

  • Suffolk County Council (18 011 493)

    Statement Upheld Adoption 16-Jul-2019

    Summary: Ms X complains that the Council has not provided a suitable remedy for the faults found in her children's social care complaint about lack of background information on her adopted child. The Ombudsman finds that the Council did not provide a sufficient remedy to recognise the impact of the long period without the information she needs. The Council has now agreed a suitable remedy including taking steps to obtain the information, reviewing procedures and making a payment to Ms X.

  • Wolverhampton City Council (18 009 478)

    Statement Upheld Adoption 04-Jul-2019

    Summary: The Council was at fault for a seven-month delay in arranging a meeting between Mr and Mrs B and their daughter's independent reviewing officer, and in providing them with photographs of their daughter from before it placed her for adoption. The Council has agreed to arrange the meeting, provide the photographs and apologise to Mr and Mrs B for the delay.

  • London Borough of Harrow (18 014 935)

    Statement Upheld Adoption 20-May-2019

    Summary: Mr and Mrs X complain on behalf of their daughter, Y and state the Council has failed to provide the post adoption support she needs. They say it delayed when dealing with their request for help and gave poor and conflicting advice about the type of support that is available. The Ombudsman has found the Council was at fault for the way it assessed Y's needs, the way it handled Mr and Mrs X's request for funding, and for failing to provide clear information and advice about the post adoption support process. It was also at fault for taking too long to initiate the EHC needs assessment process and for not following the children's statutory complaint procedure. These failures put Y at risk of harm and caused Mr and Mrs X distress, plus they incurred time and trouble when pursuing their complaint about this matter. To remedy this injustice, the Council has agreed to consider what support it will provide the family and make payments to them. It has also agreed to make several service improvements to prevent the faults identified from reoccurring.