Council tax

Recent statements in this category are shown below:

  • London Borough of Haringey (19 000 635)

    Statement Upheld Council tax 24-Feb-2020

    Summary: The Council delayed in dealing with information on a council tax account and a claim for council tax reduction. Enforcement agents, acting for the Council, did not follow the regulations. The Council caused unnecessary time, trouble and distress to the complainant, who the Council knew was vulnerable. To put this right the Council will apologise, make a payment to the complainant and assess her correct council tax reduction. It will tell the Ombudsman what it will do to ensure in future its officers and agents deal correctly with vulnerable people.

  • Wirral Metropolitan Borough Council (19 010 272)

    Statement Not upheld Council tax 24-Feb-2020

    Summary: Miss X complained the Council failed to deal with a change to her council tax fairly. This concerned a change from a joint account to council tax account in Miss X's sole name. There was no fault by the Council.

  • Isle of Wight Council (19 009 535)

    Statement Not upheld Council tax 21-Feb-2020

    Summary: Mr X complains that the Council invoiced him for two years of backdated council tax that he had already paid to his landlord. He says this impacted on his health. The Ombudsman has discontinued this investigation because the Council has resolved the issue.

  • Dartford Borough Council (19 010 624)

    Statement Upheld Council tax 21-Feb-2020

    Summary: Mr X complains the Council gave him incorrect information about a council tax exemption and also delayed in determining a planning application. After sending incorrect bills for three years the Council then demanded a backdated payment of almost £7,000. An appropriate remedy for the injustice suffered is agreed. An alternative remedy, by way of appeal to a Government Minister, was available in respect of the delay in determining the planning application so this part of the complaint falls outside the Ombudsman's jurisdiction.

  • Cornwall Council (19 007 907)

    Statement Upheld Council tax 21-Feb-2020

    Summary: Miss X complains about the Council's decision to remove her single person council tax discount in 2012, failing to notify her of appeal rights, and a breach of data protection. She says the Council has not charged her correctly for council tax. She says this has caused her distress, anxiety and inconvenience. The Ombudsman finds the Council at fault for not telling Miss X of her appeal rights sooner. However, this did not cause Miss X injustice because she was notified of fresh appeal rights in 2019. The Ombudsman does not find the Council at fault for the way it has charged Miss X for council tax and enforcement costs. The Ombudsman will not investigate the parts of Miss X's complaint about the decision to remove the discount because it is outside the Ombudsman's jurisdiction, and about data protection breaches because the Information Commissioner's Office is better placed to deal with complaints of this nature.

  • Birmingham City Council (19 006 920)

    Statement Not upheld Council tax 21-Feb-2020

    Summary: Mr D complains about the Council's enforcement action for unpaid council tax. The Ombudsman finds no evidence of fault. And, in any case, there is no injustice, as the Council has decided not to collect unpaid enforcement fees.

  • Boston Borough Council (18 017 833)

    Statement Upheld Council tax 17-Feb-2020

    Summary: The Ombudsman finds there is fault by the Council regarding its recovery of council tax from Mr and Ms D. We recommended a remedy.

  • East Suffolk Council (19 008 763)

    Statement Not upheld Council tax 17-Feb-2020

    Summary: Mr X complains the Council issued incorrect Council tax bills and handled his complaint poorly, causing stress. He also complains the Council has refused to apply discounts to his Council tax. The Ombudsman will not investigate the Council's refusal to apply discounts because Mr X could appeal to the Valuation Tribunal. The Ombudsman finds no fault in the Council's billing or complaint handling.

  • Broxbourne Borough Council (19 003 927)

    Statement Not upheld Council tax 13-Feb-2020

    Summary: Mr X complains the Council should not charge him summons costs for council tax arrears while his property was empty. The Ombudsman has not found evidence of fault by the Council.

  • Rochdale Metropolitan Borough Council (19 004 521)

    Statement Upheld Council tax 05-Feb-2020

    Summary: Mr X complains the Council went back on agreement to give him a 100 percent discount on a council tax bill while his property was being refurbished. I have found the Council at fault. I am unable to make a finding as to what agreement was reached. However, I have found the Council should been clearer with Mr X about the terms of which discount was granted. I have also found that the Council should have told Mr X he could have appealed the Council's decision about his discount to the Valuation Tribunal. I have made a recommendation the Council review its policy.