Council tax support

Recent statements in this category are shown below:

  • Luton Borough Council (18 009 326)

    Statement Upheld Council tax support 20-Feb-2019

    Summary: Miss X complains about the way the Council has dealt with her request for council tax reduction, and how the Council handled her complaint. She says this caused frustration, stress and anxiety, and cost her time and trouble. The Ombudsman finds fault with the Council for sending an incorrect bill, for not proactively offering the e-billing service, and for the way it handled her complaint. The Council will write off Miss X's outstanding debt and make a payment of £100 to remedy the injustice caused by the faults. The Council will also apologise to Miss X and undertake training with staff so that e-billing is offered to customers in the first instance.

  • London Borough of Hounslow (18 009 697)

    Statement Upheld Council tax support 25-Jan-2019

    Summary: Mr X and Ms Y complain the Council has failed to deal with their request for council tax relief. They also complain about the way the Council handled their complaint about this matter. The Ombudsman has found the Council was at fault for giving unclear and conflicting advice about its Section 13A application process, and for delaying unnecessarily when dealing with the couple's application. We have also found it was at fault for the way it handled their complaint about these matters. To remedy these faults, it has informed the couple of its decision and offered them a payment to recognise the distress they were caused and the time and trouble they incurred in making their complaint. It has also agreed to carry out some service improvement recommendations to prevent the faults from reoccurring.

  • Norwich City Council (18 007 863)

    Statement Upheld Council tax support 07-Jan-2019

    Summary: The Ombudsman considers it fault that the Council has no clear policy for how it will decide the appropriateness of recovery, in cases of alleged official error in Council Tax Reduction decisions. The evidence indicates that this has caused an injustice in this case. However, there is no evidence of fault by the Council in how it set the rate of recovery.

  • London Borough of Croydon (18 009 569)

    Statement Upheld Council tax support 10-Dec-2018

    Summary: The Ombudsman will not investigate this complaint about council tax and council tax support. This is because the Council has already provided a fair remedy and there is not enough outstanding injustice to require an investigation.

  • London Borough of Croydon (18 002 183)

    Statement Upheld Council tax support 04-Dec-2018

    Summary: Ms B complains that the Council's poor management of her housing benefit and council tax support resulted in overpayments which it recouped by deductions from her benefit causing her financial hardship. The Ombudsman finds the Council made repeated errors in calculating Ms B's claims because it failed to consider information she had previously provided concerning her weekly pay and childcare costs. Because of this Ms B's benefit payments were continually changing. This caused her a great deal of stress. She was constantly worried about whether she would have enough income to pay her rent. She was also put to considerable time and trouble in having to repeat information she had already provided and was forced to appeal and complain several times.

  • Ashfield District Council (18 005 098)

    Statement Upheld Council tax support 12-Nov-2018

    Summary: The Council failed to use its discretionary powers to consider whether to hold Miss D liable after its late discovery of a miscalculation in her council tax reduction entitlement. In doing so the Council denied Miss D the right of appeal to the Valuation Tribunal. The Council accepts this and has agreed to refund payment. We also recommend it apologises and pays Miss D £250 for the embarrassment of having to borrow money from family and friends to pay off the debt and for exacerbating her existing mental health condition.

  • Woking Borough Council (18 005 458)

    Statement Not upheld Council tax support 25-Oct-2018

    Summary: Mr X complains the Council has refused his request to appeal its housing benefit decision. The Council is not at fault. The Council tried to get as much information about Mr X's reasons for appeal and then passed the appeal to the Social Entitlement Chamber. The Chamber will now decide Mr X's entitlement to housing benefit.

  • London Borough of Barnet (18 002 698)

    Statement Not upheld Council tax support 31-Aug-2018

    Summary: Ms X complained about decisions the Council made when she applied for financial assistance. The Council was not at fault in how it considered Ms X's application for Discretionary Housing Payment and Council Tax Discretionary Relief.

  • Cornwall Council (17 019 652)

    Statement Upheld Council tax support 31-Aug-2018

    Summary: Mrs X complains that the Council is unfairly demanding that she repays an overpayment of council tax support. She says she was told she would not have to repay this. The Ombudsman does not find fault with the Council for this. Mrs X also complains that the Council did not properly deal with her complaint. The Ombudsman finds fault with the Council for this, and this fault caused Mrs X injustice. The Council says it has already undertaken staff training to address this. It has agreed to apologise to Mrs X, and will discuss this case and the importance of recognising a complaint at a team meeting.

  • Reading Borough Council (17 019 846)

    Statement Upheld Council tax support 13-Aug-2018

    Summary: Mr Y complains about the way the Council dealt with his housing benefit claim. We found fault because the Council sent a wrongly addressed letter to him about suspending his benefit so he did not receive it. But this fault did not cause Mr Y an injustice so we have completed our investigation.