Children's care services archive 2013-2014

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  • Birmingham City Council (13 010 519)

    Report Upheld Disabled children 31-Mar-2014

    Summary: A women complains that the council delayed in assessing her son's needs. The son, who is 16 years old has autistic spectrum disorder with severe learning and communication difficulties that need specialist support.

  • Birmingham City Council (13 002 982)

    Report Upheld Disabled children 12-Mar-2014

    Summary: Complaint from a mother about the support the council provides to enable her to care for her disabled daughter.

  • Doncaster Metropolitan Borough Council (13 001 144)

    Report Upheld Child protection 03-Mar-2014

    Summary: Complaint from a young woman that the council failed to assess her as a 'child in need' and then failed to provide her with accommodation after she told the council she was homeless and that she was fleeing abuse in her family home.

  • Calderdale Council (12 015 328)

    Report Upheld Disabled children 20-Nov-2013

    Summary: Two parents complained about the support the council provides to care for their disabled daughter.

  • Cambridgeshire County Council (12 015 730)

    Report Upheld Other 12-Nov-2013

    Summary: Complaint from a father that the council delayed in assessing their son's needs and there were faults in the assessment process.

  • Thurrock Council (12 005 756)

    Report Upheld Other 10-Oct-2013

    Summary: Complaint from a woman that the council failed to assess her adult social care needs and reduced her 10 hours weekly assistance to six hours with no explanation.

  • Walsall Metropolitan Borough Council (12 017 037)

    Report Upheld Other 24-Sep-2013

    Summary: A complaint from a child aged 13 that the council failed to follow the law in attempting to move her from an out-of-area placement where she had lived since 2011.

  • Worcestershire County Council (12 009 203)

    Report Upheld Child protection 10-Sep-2013

    Summary: A complaint by a grandfather that the council failed for seven weeks to follow up a safeguarding referral he made after his grandchildren witnessed a violent incident in the family which led to police action.

  • Liverpool City Council (12 006 209)

    Report Upheld Looked after children 24-Jul-2013

    Summary: The council failed to recognise that when the complainant cared for her nephew, the child should have been considered as a 'looked after child' and the council should have provided her with appropriate financial support.

  • Trafford Metropolitan Borough Council (11 002 917)

    Report Upheld Other 17-Jul-2013

    Summary: A vulnerable young man was a victim twice, once from the crime against him and again from the service he received from Trafford Youth Offending Team (YOT) and Trafford Metropolitan Borough Council during the handling of his complaint.