Adult care services archive 2012-2013

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  • Birmingham City Council (08 017 525)

    Report Upheld Direct payments 13-Mar-2013

    Summary: The Local Government Ombudsman published a report about a complaint regarding Birmingham City Council's handling of its mental health assessment processes

  • Wiltshire Council (09 005 439)

    Report Not upheld Assessment and care plan 30-Oct-2012

    Summary: A report of a joint investigation by the Health Service Ombudsman and the Local Government Ombudsman about a complaint into the provision of section 117 aftercare.

  • Suffolk County Council (11 017 875)

    Report Upheld Other 11-Oct-2012

    Summary: There were flaws in the way Suffolk County Council decided to cancel subscriptions to an audio book service for some blind and visually impaired adults

  • Kent County Council (11 009 473)

    Report Upheld Safeguarding 11-Oct-2012

    Summary: Kent County Council delayed in investigating how an elderly man came to be seriously injured during an altercation with another resident of his care home. The man died in hospital a few days later.

  • Birmingham City Council (07C13163)

    Report Upheld Safeguarding 08-Oct-2012

    Summary: Birmingham City Council wrongly started an adult protection investigation into the affairs of a man's elderly aunt.

  • Southampton City Council (11 021 923)

    Report Upheld Charging 01-Oct-2012

    Summary: Southampton City Council wrongly charged an elderly woman's family 'top-up' fees for her residential care.

  • Birmingham City Council (11 009 273)

    Report Upheld Assessment and care plan 30-Aug-2012

    Summary: Birmingham City Council delayed for over two years in providing for a disabled man's assessed needs.

  • Essex County Council (10 013 477)

    Report Upheld Assessment and care plan 14-Aug-2012

    Summary: Essex County Council took almost two years to agree and put in place resources for the care of a disabled young man.

  • City of Bradford Metropolitan District Council (08 020 110)

    Report Upheld Other 27-Jul-2012

    Summary: Bradford Council cost a man with learning difficulties years of funding amounting to over £100,000.

  • Kent County Council (11 001 504)

    Report Upheld Residential care 23-Jul-2012

    Summary: Kent County Council wrongly refused to pay for short-term residential care for an elderly woman when she was released from hospital.