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  • Torbay Council (10 002 564 FR)

    Report Upheld Council tax 28-Mar-2012

    Summary: ankrupt without having proper regard to his mental health. or that bankruptcy was a considered decision taken in the knowledge of potential mental illness after the due weighing of all pertinent facts

  • Torbay Council (10 002 564)

    Report Upheld Council tax 04-May-2011

    Summary: Failings by Torbay Council led it to make a man with mental health problems bankrupt.

  • Slough Borough Council (10 007 469)

    Report Upheld Council tax 04-Apr-2011

    Summary: Bailiffs' practice of threatening to take low value items and charging fees for doing so was criticised by the Local Government Ombudsman. A bailiff's threat to remove a door mat and charge £230 fees was described as unreasonable.