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  • London Borough of Camden (09 008 248)

    Report Upheld School transport 24-Jan-2011

    Summary: Camden Council's arrangements for contracting out its school transport services were inadequate, found the Ombudsman in her investigation into a complaint concerning a vulnerable child who was transported to school by the Council's contractors. The child was sexually abused by one of the drivers.

  • Poole High School (09 007 281)

    Report Not upheld School admissions 18-Jan-2011

    Summary: The Ombudsman wrote to the Department for Education seeking greater clarity on the 2009 School Admission Appeals Code of Practice.

  • Tauheedul Islam Girls High School and Blackburn wih Darwen Borough Council (09 001 030 and 3 others) (09 001 930)

    Report Upheld School admissions 07-Oct-2010

    Summary: An independent appeal panel's flawed and unacceptable approach to school admission appeals led to serious faults.

  • Surrey County Council (09 010 645)

    Report Upheld School admissions 08-Sep-2010

    Summary: Surrey County Council failed to consider disability issues properly when refusing to provide transport to school for a six-year-old boy.

  • Gloucestershire County Council (08 005 914)

    Report Upheld Special educational needs 10-Aug-2010

    Summary: Gloucestershire County Council failed to provide adequate education to a boy with special educational needs while he was out of school.

  • Isle of Wight Council (09 001 513)

    Report Upheld Special educational needs 27-May-2010

    Summary: Isle of Wight Council failed to make the full provision for a visually-impaired girl's special educational needs.

  • London Borough of Barnet (07A14912)

    Report Upheld Special educational needs 19-Apr-2010

    Summary: London Borough of Barnet failed to provide adequate education for a girl who was out of school, and delayed in responding to a request to assess her special educational needs.