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  • North Yorkshire County Council (08 006 687)

    Report Not upheld School admissions 18-Mar-2009

    Summary: The Ombudsman issued a report to " alert parents with children transferring to secondary school in 2010 to the importance of inspecting the arrangements - to be published by 15 April 2009 - and deciding whether to exercise their right to object to the Schools Adjudicator."

  • Guru Nanak Sikh Secondary School, Hayes (08 005 300)

    Report Upheld School admissions 12-Mar-2009

    Summary: The Governors and Appeal Panel of Guru Nanak Sikh Secondary School, Hayes, did not handle admission applications or appeals in accordance with binding statutory codes.

  • West Sussex County Council (08 003 017)

    Report Upheld School admissions 04-Mar-2009

    Summary: School admissions Maladministration causing injustice 24 February 2009 A mistake in West Sussex County Council's school admissions process had a knock-on effect that initially denied a child a primary school place

  • Hayes School, Bromley (08 007 231)

    Report Upheld School admissions 26-Feb-2009

    Summary: There were significant faults in the way Hayes School, Bromley, handled admission appeals.

  • Fulston Manor School, Sittingbourne (08 007 478)

    Report Upheld School admissions 19-Jan-2009

    Summary: Fulston Manor School, Sittingbourne, breached Government guidelines on the handling of school admission appeals.

  • Deal Parochial School (08 007 692)

    Report Upheld School admissions 19-Jan-2009

    Summary: Deal Parochial School's admission criteria were not clear, fair and objective finds the Ombudsman.

  • St Peter's Collegiate C of E School, Wolverhampton (07B03178)

    Report Upheld School admissions 03-Dec-2008

    Summary: The Governors of St Peter's Collegiate Church of England School, Wolverhampton, failed to provide accurate information on the capacity of the School to an admission appeal panel.

  • Herschel Grammar School (08 004 707)

    Report Upheld School admissions 02-Dec-2008

    Summary: Herschel Grammar School gave priority to some pupils for whom the School was their first preference, and failed to offer a place to a pupil who had a higher 11+ score than them.

  • Southend-on-Sea Borough Council (07B04289)

    Report Not upheld Special educational needs 20-Nov-2008

    Summary: Luton Borough Council's delays led to a boy in its care not receiving the counselling that he needed.

  • Coopers Company and Coborn School, Upminster (08 003 807 )

    Report Upheld School admissions 15-Oct-2008

    Summary: Coopers and Coborn School, Upminster, offered places to eight pupils on the grounds of an aptitude for sport or music but had made no provision for doing so in its admission arrangements.