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  • Stockport Metropolitan Borough Council (06C06190)

    Report Upheld School exclusions 27-Mar-2008

    Summary: Ms P complained that the Council failed to provide appropriate educational provision for her son, Q, who had a statement of special educational needs.

  • Wolverhampton Girls' High School (07B02334)

    Report Upheld School admissions 20-Feb-2008

    Summary: Mrs G applied for a place for her daughter at the girls' Grammar School; The School was a foundation school where the governors were the admissions authority. It was a selective school and places were allocated to the girls who scored highest in the school's entrance examination.

  • King David Primary School, Liverpool (07C03519)

    Report Upheld School admissions 24-Jan-2008

    Summary: Mr H was refused a place for his daughter at the School. He complained that the School's admission criteria did not comply with the School Admissions Code of Practice; and that there were serious flaws in the way the appeal panel heard his appeal against the refusal of a place.

  • All Saints Benhilton Church of England Primary School, Sutton (07B04448)

    Report Upheld School admissions 10-Jan-2008

    Summary: All Saints Benhilton Church of England Primary School, Sutton declined to provide fresh appeal hearings to the parents of three children as recommended by the Ombudsman. The parents were disadvantaged when making their original appeals because the School did not tell them the reasons why their children had not received places.

  • Lancashire County Council (06C02934)

    Report Upheld School transport 20-Nov-2007

    Summary: When Mrs T chose to send her daughter V to a school over three miles from her home, she realised that the Council would not provide any assistance with transport and that the family would have to make its own arrangements. These initially worked well with V catching a bus or getting a lift with a friend. However when V was in the first term of her GCSE year she developed mobility problems and travel to school became very difficult.

  • The Judd School, Tonbridge (06A02033)

    Report Upheld School admissions 31-Oct-2007

    Summary: Parents' appeals against the refusal of places for their sons at two Grammar schools were not considered in a fair and impartial manner.

  • Bushey Hall School (06A14354)

    Report Upheld School admissions 11-Sep-2007

    Summary: Ms K had a son, L, who had a statement of special educational needs (SEN) naming the School he should attend. Ms K complained that the School was fault as it refused to readmit L following a failed move abroad.

  • East Sussex County Council (05A15425)

    Report Upheld Special educational needs 13-Aug-2007

    Summary: Ms M complained about the way the Council dealt with the special educational needs of her son, N, who had left his mainstream secondary school at age 13 in July 2004. Between September 2004 and early 2007, N only received limited home tuition.

  • Northampton School for Boys (06B01255 )

    Report Upheld School admissions 19-Jul-2007

    Summary: Three sets of parents complained about the procedures followed by the Boys' School in considering applications by their sons to join Year 7 of the School. They also complained about the conduct of the appeals held to consider the refusal of offers of places to their sons.

  • Cornwall County Council (06B04337)

    Report Upheld Special educational needs 18-Jul-2007

    Summary: Cornwall County Council failed to provide for a boy's special educational needs after it had already been criticised for the same failures in an earlier Ombudsman's report.