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  • Dunraven School, Streatham (05B06021)

    Report Upheld School admissions 30-Mar-2006

    Summary: 'Mrs Tudor', 'Mrs Stuart' and 'Mr Hanover' (not their real names for legal reasons) complained that education admissions panels failed to consider properly the reasons they put forward for requesting places for their children at Dunraven School.

  • Leeds City Council (05C11366)

    Report Upheld School admissions 29-Mar-2006

    Summary: 'Mrs Park' (not her real name for legal reasons) sent her son to a school that was due to close, but she was reassured by a categorical statement by the Council that all pupils at the school would be found places at a new academy. In the event, the academy could not accommodate all of the pupils, and Mrs Park's son was not offered a place.

  • Cornwall County Council (04B07871)

    Report Upheld Special educational needs 22-Mar-2006

    Summary: 'Mrs Ivy's son, 'Oliver' (not their real names), was assessed as having delayed speech and language development. The major part of the provision specified in his statement of special educational needs (SEN) was speech and language therapy that was to be provided by the local Primary Care Trust. Mrs Ivy complained that, for a period from September 2002 to May 2004, the Council failed to ensure that the provision specified was made. She also complained that the Council did not conduct the annual reviews of Oliver's statement in accordance with the SEN Code of Practice in 2003 and 2005.

  • St John's Catholic Comprehensive School, Gravesend (05A02672)

    Report Upheld School admissions 02-Mar-2006

    Summary: The Ombudsman criticised the School about the way the admissions criteria were administered. He says "The Governors' admissions criteria appear to me to be generally clear and objective " and commends them as an example of good practice. But he adds "It is the way that the Governors administer them that causes me concern."

  • Royal Borough of Kingston upon Thames (05B03214)

    Report Upheld School admissions 14-Feb-2006

    Summary: 'Ms Phillips' (not her real name for legal reasons) complained that faults in the Council's school admissions procedures had wrongly denied her child a place at her preferred selective secondary school, and that the independent panel convened to hear her appeal against refusal of a place failed to consider properly whether the admission arrangements were sound and applied correctly.

  • Islamia Primary School, Brondesbury Park (04A15454 )

    Report Upheld School admissions 08-Feb-2006

    Summary: Since Autumn 2005, The Ombudsman has criticised Catholic, Sikh and non-denominational Christian schools over their admission arrangements. He makes similar criticisms about the conduct of admissions for this voluntary aided Muslim primary school, and recommends the School to complete its review of admission criteria and arrangements and pay compensation to two parents.

  • Northampton School for Boys (05B03822)

    Report Upheld School admissions 31-Jan-2006

    Summary: Northampton School for Boys has a co-educational sixth form. 'Angela', the daughter of 'Mr and Mrs Allen' (not their real names for legal reasons) applied to join the School's sixth form effective from September 2005, but was refused. Mr and Mrs Allen complained about the way the School considered the application.

  • Manchester City Council (05C00426)

    Report Upheld School admissions 19-Jan-2006

    Summary: 'Mr Jackson' (not his real name for legal reasons) complained that the Council adopted a Secondary School's Admissions Policy that discriminated against pupils living outside the City, by giving priority within the oversubscribed secondary schools in the City to pupils attending primary schools in the City. Mr Jackson said that the effect of this has been that his son's application to attend a City school was rejected in favour of pupils living further away from the school, though within the City. Mr Jackson claimed that the Council's policy was unlawful and did not comply with the Code of Practice published by the government.

  • Torbay Borough Council (04B15454)

    Report Upheld School exclusions 12-Jan-2006

    Summary: John Smith (not his real name for legal reasons) was excluded from school in March 2004. His father complained that the Council delayed unreasonably in providing an alternative school place and failed to make appropriate educational provision for John while he was out of school.

  • London Borough of Redbridge (05A02446)

    Report Upheld School exclusions 08-Dec-2005

    Summary: 'Ms Ferguson' (not her real name for legal reasons) complained about the way the Council dealt with her appeal against its decision not to offer a place for her son at her preferred school, for entry in September 2005.