Focus Reports

Focus reports 'focus' on particular themes we see from our complaints, using case studies to highlight common or systemic issues. The aim is to share learning from these complaints to inform good practice for bodies in our jurisdiction, explain our role in the complaints process, and provide questions to help councillors scrutinise local services.

Focus reports are web-based publications.


 Recording Planning Decisions: guidance for practitioners - published September 2018

 Firm foundations: complaints about council support and advice for special guardians - published May 2018

 Funded Nursing Care payments: guidance for practitioners - published February 2018


 Still no place like home? Councils' continuing use of unsuitable bed and breakfast accommodation to house families - published December 2017 Education, Health and Care Plans: our first 100 investigations - published October 2017

 Lifting the lid on bin complaints: learning to improve waste and recycling services - published August 2017

 The Right to Decide: Towards a greater understanding of mental capacity and deprivation of liberty - published July 2017

 All on board? Navigating school transport issues - published March 2017

 Fairer Fines: Ensuring good practice in the management of Parking and Traffic Penalties - published February 2017


 Working together to investigate health and social care complaints - published December 2016

 Making a house a home: Local Authorities and disabled adaptations - published March 2016

 Full House: Councils' role in allocating social housing - published January 2016


 Counting the cost of care: the council's role in informing public choices about care homes - published September 2015

 Are we getting the best from children's social care complaints? - published March 2015


 Not in my back yard: Local people and the planning process - published December 2014

 School admission appeals: are parents being heard? - published September 2014

 Special Educational Needs: preparing for the future - published March 2014


 Family values: council services to family and friends who care for others' children - published November 2013

 No place like home: councils' use of unsuitable bed & breakfast accommodation for homeless families and young people - published October 2013


 Taking possession: councils' use of bailiffs for local debt collection - published November 2012 (amended October 2013)

 Adult social care: LGO - the single point of contact for complaints - published July 2012


 Can't pay? Won't pay? Using bankruptcy for council tax debts - published October 2011

 Out of school ... out of mind? How councils can do more to give children out of school a good education - published September 2011 (amended Jan 2016)

 Homelessness: how councils can ensure justice for homeless people - published July 2011 (amended December 2015)