Ombudsman responds to Healthwatch England report

The Local Government and Social Care Ombudsman welcomes Healthwatch England’s latest report, which outlines key steps for care homes in how feedback can be used to identify changes that ensure all residents feel ‘at home'.

Michael King, Local Government and Social Care Ombudsman, said:

“For as long as we have been investigating complaints about care providers we have been encouraging them to have an open and mature attitude to complaints - one where they are valued within organisations as ‘free feedback’ and learning opportunities. Indeed, how an organisation deals with complaints says a lot about its culture.

“People should have a voice in designing the services they receive, whether they had a good or bad experience, because their feedback can be invaluable. Staff should be equipped with the tools they need to respond to concerns and complaints confidently and be empowered to resolve matters quickly. Managers, directors and board members should actively own complaints, monitor trends and implement learning.

“It is equally important for care providers to complete the process when they have resolved a complaint by feeding back the learning and any changes that will be made not only to the residents themselves, but to their families, and of course their staff.”

Article date: 10 August 2017