LGO welcomes Government's response to PASC reports

The Public Administration Select Committee (PASC) has today published the Government’s response to two of the committee’s reports: 'More Complaints Please!’, and 'Time for a People’s Ombudsman Service'.

Local Government Ombudsman, Dr Jane Martin, said:

“We welcome the renewed focus on improving the system for redress that the Government reviews are providing. The way public services are delivered has changed enormously over the years, leaving the process for complaining more complex than it should be. We believe that a single public ombudsman service in England would provide a much simpler and more visible route for people to complain to when things have gone wrong.

"We look forward to the outcome of the Cabinet Office’s review of ombudsman services and their plans on the future landscape for ombudsmen. The next few years provide a real opportunity to strengthen the accountability of public services. Our work in the coming years will reflect this.”


Article date: 12 September 2014