External reviewer

To demonstrate to our customers that we deal with complaints about our service fairly and thoroughly we appointed an independent person as an External Reviewer. His role is to look at a sample of complaints about our service and to report on how well we have responded to them.

Our current External Reviewer is Graham Manfield. He served with the Metropolitan Police for 37 years and spent most of his career up to inspector in busy, inner London boroughs. He has considerable experience in evidence handling and supervising investigations and complaints about service provision. In his last post, as Deputy Lead for Custody, Graham provided oversight of custody suites throughout London, leading teams auditing and inspecting against national standards and improving safety and risk management. He also advised the Home Office and other police services on custody issues and sat on the National Custody Forum. Graham is also active in the voluntary sector and was previously a member of the Ombudsman’s Advisory Forum.

The completed review reports of the External Reviewer can be downloaded on this page.