Disabled children

Recent statements in this category are shown below:

  • London Borough of Haringey (16 012 017)

    Statement Not upheld Disabled children 17-Aug-2017

    Summary: The Council was not at fault in the way in which it re-assessed the needs of Ms R and her family for short breaks to provide respite from caring for her son T, who has special needs.

  • Northamptonshire County Council (17 001 846)

    Statement Upheld Disabled children 08-Aug-2017

    Summary: The Council investigated an appeal against a short breaks decision under its complaint procedure, but failed to use the statutory complaints procedure for children social services complaints. This is fault. The Council should apologise, review procedures and offer an independent stage two investigation.

  • Cornwall Council (16 016 423)

    Statement Upheld Disabled children 07-Aug-2017

    Summary: The Council failed to review Z's care needs between 2014 and 2016. It did not finish its 2016 Care Plan for Z and the draft contained mistakes. The Council has apologised for these faults, reinstated and partly backdated Direct Payments for Z. We recommend it should fully backdate reinstated payments. The Council now intends to reassess Z's care needs to decide what Direct Payments he needs. It has agreed to consider independent mediation to help this reassessment.

  • City of York Council (16 015 675)

    Statement Upheld Disabled children 20-Jul-2017

    Summary: The Council was at fault in April 2016 for giving Mrs B incorrect advice about Short Breaks funding, and for not assessing her son's eligibility. The Council conducted an assessment in October 2016 and decided Mrs B's son was eligible. The Council has agreed to apologise and to backdate the funding to April 2016 to recognise its failure to conduct an assessment sooner. The Council has also agreed to put a system in place to record when it has given advice and guidance to parents who have tried to access services for their children.

  • Staffordshire County Council (16 015 670)

    Statement Upheld Disabled children 19-Jul-2017

    Summary: There was fault in the way the Council carried out a reassessment of Mrs B's son, C, following a complaint about the ending of a mentoring service. The Council has offered ten further sessions and agreed to liaise with C's mentor to ensure after that he can access social activities independently.

  • Lancashire County Council (17 000 080)

    Statement Upheld Disabled children 06-Jul-2017

    Summary: There was fault in the way the Council assessed Mr Y's eligibility for a Blue Badge. The complaint is upheld. The Council should apologise, reconsider the application, make a fresh decision and allow a further right of appeal. It will also carry out refresher training for blue badge assessors.

  • Essex County Council (16 004 798)

    Statement Upheld Disabled children 14-Jun-2017

    Summary: The Council took too long to deal with Miss M's complaint about social care provision for her children, T and L. They each have disabilities. The Ombudsman asked the Council to apologise to Miss M, and carry out a child and family assessment. The Council has completed the assessment. The Council has agreed pay Miss M £250 for the delay in dealing with her complaint.

  • Lancashire County Council (16 017 256)

    Statement Upheld Disabled children 08-Jun-2017

    Summary: The Council did not ensure Child Y's Occupational Therapy assessment considered his current needs. This fault caused his mother Ms X and family uncertainty and raised expectations. The Council has agreed to reassess Y's needs. It has agreed to work with the Borough Council to find a solution to those needs. The Council has agreed to take other actions to remedy injustice caused by the fault and prevent its reoccurrence.

  • Calderdale Metropolitan Borough Council (16 015 079)

    Statement Closed after initial enquiries Disabled children 07-Jun-2017

    Summary: Mrs C complains about child social care's failure to provide an appropriate level of service for her two sons and herself as their carer. The complaint is premature for the Ombudsman since there is no evidence that the Council has had an opportunity to investigate and resolve the complaint under the relevant local complaints procedure.

  • Leicestershire County Council (15 012 296)

    Statement Not upheld Disabled children 22-May-2017

    Summary: There is no fault in the Council's Stage 2 investigation into Mrs X's complaint about her family's care package.