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Accessibility options

We've designed this website to be accessible and easy to use by anyone, whatever their age, background, internet access device or level of ability or disability. We're constantly checking that the whole website remains accessible, easy to read and that the information we publish is accurate and up to date.

This page describes our website's various accessibility features, and our site visitors can change the size and colour of the text and background colours.

A list of available access keys is also displayed on this page. Access keys provide keyboard shortcuts and offer an alternative means of site navigation. They enable users with limited physical capabilities to navigate our site more easily:

For Windows users, you can press "ALT" plus the listed access key (Firefox browser users use "SHIFT" and "ALT")

For Macintosh users, you can press "Control" plus the listed access key

Listed below are the access keys that you will find on every page:

Every page on this website features a Skip Navigation link to allow users to jump directly to the contents of each page. This makes it easier for people who use access technology and avoids repetitive navigation links.

We have BrowseAloud. This reads our website aloud so it can help you if you’re blind or partially sighted. BrowseAloud can also translate our web pages and documents into 75 languages (for 33 of those languages it can also read aloud). You don't need to download any software to use Browse Aloud just click on the icon on the top of every page. (If you want to use BrowseAloud to translate or read aloud the pdf documents on our website you need to be using Internet Explorer version 9 or above.)