Effective Complaint Handling for Social Care Providers

What it is

A one-day skills course in investigating Adult Social Care complaints aimed at staff from independent social care providers, developed and delivered by our experienced complaint-handlers.

Who it is for

For managers and other Adult Social Care staff working in the independent care sector who investigate complaints.

What it does

By the end of the course, learners will be able to:

  • list five things that are important to people when they complain
  • describe the stages of the complaint-handling process
  • accurately identify, define and summarise complaints
  • list five sources of evidence useful for investigations
  • investigate a complaint and reach evidence-based conclusions
  • identify appropriate and proportionate remedies for injustice
  • write a comprehensive decision letter
  • explain how complaints can be used to help improve services.

How it is done

The course is interactive, using a variety of activities and materials, including:

  • participants’ experiences of making complaints and our experience of what can go wrong
  • recent research findings on what contributes to customer satisfaction in the health and social care sector
  • an early resolution workshop that looks at how to resolve problems that commonly occur in the adult social care setting in order to stop complaints from escalating.

Participants work on an Adult Social Care case study based on a real complaint to us. Using their skills and drawing on the expertise of the trainer they define, investigate and reach a conclusion on a complaint. The trainer explains the principles applied by us for resolving complaints, and these are applied to the case study.

Throughout the day the trainer offers guidance and tips on applying our principles of good practice in investigating complaints.

What people say

"An excellent course, which I feel is beneficial to all organisations. I would definitely recommend it - a must to ensure transparency, integrity and trust."
"The course tutor was professional, knowledgeable, friendly and engaging and this made for a very enjoyable and informative training session."
"Thank you for a very informative yet fun day. I am feeling much more confident about investigating complaints from the knowledge and experiences gained during the training. It's great to have received comprehensive information both on the day and links to resources that can be used. "


One-day course for a group of up to 18, with one trainer: £1,500 
Duration: 10am-4.30pm
No extra charge made for trainer’s travel and expenses. Prices assume you will supply the venue and refreshments for the course.