Complaint handling for frontline care provider staff

What it is

A half-day skills course in considering Adult Social Care complaints aimed at frontline staff from independent social care providers, developed and delivered by our experienced complaint-handlers.

Who it is for

For frontline Adult Social Care staff working in the independent care sector who are often the first people to know about complaints.

What it does

The course covers:

  • good customer care

  • identifying complaints and getting them on the right track

  • the importance of good record keeping

  • early resolution

  • learning from complaints.

How it is done

The course is interactive, using a variety of activities and materials, including:

  • participants’ experiences of making complaints and our experience of what can go wrong

  • recent research findings on what contributes to customer satisfaction in the health and social care sector

  • an early resolution workshop that looks at how to resolve problems that commonly occur in the adult social care setting in order to stop complaints from escalating.

Throughout the day the trainer offers guidance and tips on applying our principles of good practice in complaint handling.

What people say

"I feel this training would help staff understand how to deal with complaints and how to stop a small complaint becoming a bigger issue."
"I found the course very useful and it made me think of how I would use it in my job and deal with complaints more effectively."
"I have been supervising for 19 years and the training has updated my knowledge and understanding."


A half-day course for a group of up to 15 people, with one trainer: £750
Duration: 10am to 1pm or 1pm to 4pm.
No extra charge made for trainer's travel and expenses.
Prices assume you will supply the refreshments and venue for the course.