Effective Complaint Handling - Online

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About our courses

Our online course in accepting, investigating and deciding complaints for councils and social care providers.

Key details:

  • In-house course 
  • Two and a half hour workshop delivered online
  • Minimum five delegates
  • Maximum 18 delegates
  • £350 - full course fee (before 31 December)

An online skills course investigating complaints delivered by experienced Ombudsman staff. Participants can draw on knowledge gained from our experience of over four decades of complaints investigation, decision-making and remedy recommendations.

  • Staff dealing with complaints at the higher stages of the process, such as managers and corporate complaints officers
  • Staff who investigate and make decisions about complaints
  • Defining and analysing complaints
  • Planning investigations
  • Making the best use of sources of information
  • Evaluating information and making sound decisions
  • Communicating decisions effectively
  • Resolving and learning from complaints

The trainer offers guidance and tips throughout the day on applying our principles of good practice in investigating complaints. The course is interactive, using a variety of activities and materials including:

  • Participants’ experiences of making complaints and our experience of what can go wrong
  • The Ombudsman’s overview of a complaint investigation and the principles for resolving complaints
  • How your organisation can learn from complaints

By the end of the course learners will be able to:

  • List five things that are important to people when they complain
  • Describe the stages of the complaint handling process
  • Accurately identify, define and summarise complaints
  • List five sources of evidence useful for investigations
  • Identify appropriate elements of a comprehensive decision letter and proportionate remedies for injustice
  • Discuss how learning from complaints can be used to drive service improvements