What we offer

What we offer

We provide a final decision on complaints that cannot be sorted out through the complaints process of the organisation involved.

We are completely independent and do not take sides. We look at each side of the story and reach a decision that we think is fair.

If we find an organisation has done something wrong, we can make recommendations for it to put things right. We always consider whether action should be taken to stop the same thing happening to others.

We may decide the organisation was not at fault.

We use what we learn from complaints to improve local public services.


Our powers

We have the same powers as the High Court to get information from organisations and will ask for the information we need to come to a fair decision. We may not need to investigate to the extent that the courts might.


What we need from you

We will give you time to respond, but we expect you to let us know if you are not able to do so.

We will treat you politely and with respect. We expect you to treat our staff in the same way. We will not tolerate:

  • abusive, intimidating or threatening behaviour
  • swearing and offensive language 
  • shouting on the phone
  • racial abuse, or
  • any form of discrimination.   

We have a policy on how we manage unreasonable complainant behaviour.