Audit & Risk Assurance Committee meeting - 15 October 2015

  1. Approve minutes of 26 June 2015
  2. Matters arising - action log 
    (attached as AC 576
  3. Internal Audit Highlights Report 
    (attached as AC 577)
  4. Internal Audit Financial Controls Audit  
    (attached as AC 578
  5. Follow up of issues identified by Internal Audit Quarter Two Report 
    (attached as AC 579)
  6. National Audit Office Audit Planning Report 2015/16
    To update the Committee on information, proposed approaches and risk assessments required
    by Auditing Standards Committee to consider and approve the report.
    Confidential item - no paper attached 

  7. Strategic Risk Register
    To update the Committee on the most recent evaluation of risk against the strategic risk register
    agreed by the Commission. Audit Committee is requested to consider and note the report.
    Confidential item - no paper attached. 

  8. Fraud, losses and special payments and waiver of financial regulations
    To consider and note the report (attached as AC 582)
  9. Payments - percentage of suppliers paid on time 
    To consider and note the report (attached as AC 583)
  10. Date of next meeting
    Thursday, 28 January 2016