Advisory Forum

Working with people who have used our service to help us improve

Who sits on the advisory forum?

Our advisory forum is made up of a majority of members of the public who have used our service. We also have representatives from local authorities and social care providers, as well as those who act as advocates for the public such as advisory bodies, MPs and councillors.

What's the advisory forum's role?

The forum:

How did you choose the members of the public who sit on the forum?

We wrote to more than 3,000 people who had used our service (in the previous three months) and invited them to apply.

How often does the advisory forum meet?

The forum meets every four months.

Are the advisory forum members paid?

No, we don't pay people for being on our forum.

How can I find out what the forum discussed?

We publish the minutes from the meetings below. The comments made are not attributed to individuals.


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