Councillor Forum

Working with councillors to help improve local complaints handling

What's the role of the councillor forum?

The forum identifies:

How did you chose the councillors who sit on the forum?

We get in touch with newly elected councillors to inform them of our service and direct them to the resources on our website. This year, we also invited expressions of interest in joining a forum. There was no further selection process and all councillors who contacted us about the forum were invited to attend.

How often does the forum meet?

The forum meets three times a year.

Are councillor forum members paid?

No, we don't pay people for being on the forum.

How can I find out what the forum discussed?

We publish the minutes from the meetings below. The comments made are not attributed to individuals.


 5 October 2016

 29 February 2016

 23 October 2015

 19 June 2015

 30 January 2015