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Sharing good practice

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Fact sheets

Our range of fact sheets provide information on specific subjects, outlining what we can and cannot investigate, what we look for, what we do if we find fault and example cases. (Each Fact Sheet page includes a downloadable version in .pdf format as well as the web page.) Click here to access the Fact sheets.

Advice and guidance

This covers several types of publication:

Focus reports

Focus reports highlight particular subjects or systemic issues coming from our casework. They draw on the lessons learnt from complaints and include recommendations on good practice.

Joint publications

We often collaborate with other organisations to produce guidance material.

Guidance notes

Our current guidance notes cover different aspects of complaint handling. Click here to access Advice and guidance.

Annual reports

A review of our performance, including facts and figures on complaint numbers, covering the last three financial years. Our annual accounts are also published here. Click here to access the Annual reports.

Annual reviews of complaints

Annual reviews of complaints for local government and adult social care. Click here to access Annual reviews


  • ASC matters - our bulletin for social care professionals and advisers.
  • CYP issues - our bulletin for advocates working with children and young people.
  • A case in point -  our bulletin covering local government topics other than adult social care, children's services and education.


Providing general general advice on how to complain and what we can help with. Click here to access leaflets.

Date Updated: 02/04/15